US university's gynecologist accused of sexually abusing Chinese students

The victims have said they were told the procedures being carried out are standard as per American medical practices.

US university's gynecologist accused of sexually abusing Chinese students
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An American gynecologist has been accused of sexually abusing women students of Chinese origin in University of Southern California over a span of three decades in a lawsuit which has rocked educational institutions across the country.

According to an AFP report, five Chinese students registered a complaint against Dr George Tyndall who has been working at University of Southern California and had been responsible for gynaecological exams. He has been accused of taking advantage of the ignorance regarding American medical procedures with the victims saying they were told that the physical examinations being performed on them were standard. In two civil lawsuits filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the women have detailed the incidents in graphic detail - charging Tyndall of even inserting his hand and wrist into their vagina on the pretext of conducting medical examination. Another has accused Tyndall of asking her to strip naked, moving his ungloved hands across her body and asking her about her interest in engaging in oral and penetrative sex.

The lawsuit further accuses University of Southern California of not acting against Tyndall despite complaints dating back to 2000. It says that a probe was launched only in 2016 when a nurse reported the doctor to the rape crisis centre on campus. Tyndall was reportedly allowed to put in his papers and make a quiet exit.

In a recent statement, authorities at USC admitted they are aware of the lawsuits and that they are focusing on ensuring the safety and well-being of students. Now, many expect a lot many more to come forward and expose Tyndall for having sexually abused them.