We produce the same in 4 hours: How Ford Europe CEO trolled Elon Musk on car production

Steven Armstrong took to Twitter and trolled Elon Musk on achieving its production target claiming Ford can achieve the same in four hours.

We produce the same in 4 hours: How Ford Europe CEO trolled Elon Musk on car production
Image Courtesy: Reuters

Chairman and CEO Ford, Europe, Steven Armstrong took to Twitter to troll Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla on Sunday. Armstrong trolled Musk on one of his tweets about achieving their production target in a week.  Responding to the tweet that Musk had posted on Sunday, Armstrong claimed that Ford could produce the same number of cars in four hours which Tesla took a week for. 

On Sunday, Elon Musk had posted on Twitter "7000 cars, 7 days Tesla Team".

Minutes after the tweet,  Armstrong replied with "7000 cars, circa 4 hours. Tesla Team"

Tesla achieved their target of producing 5,000 Model 3 and 2,000 Model S & X in a week,  for which Musk congratulated his team. 

However, Musk has not responded to the tweet but according to a report from Reuters, the Tesla CEO has set a target of pushing the production of Model 3 electric car from 5,000 to 6,000 per week by August.

Money-losing Tesla has been burning through cash to produce the Model 3, and delays have also potentially compromised Tesla`s first-to-market position for a mid-priced, long-range battery electric car as a host of competitors prepare to launch rival vehicles.

Some analysts questioned if Tesla would be able to sustain the Model 3 production momentum, which is crucial for the long-term financial health of the company.

"There`s a big difference between making 5K Model 3 units for 1 week vs. sustaining 5K per week," Morgan Stanley analysts said.
Production of the mass-market sedan has had several issues, including problems with an over-reliance on automation on its assembly lines, battery issues and other bottlenecks.

To meet its goal, Tesla had set up a new production line inside a tent on the campus of its Fremont factory. The company said the new general assembly line was responsible for about 20 percent of Model 3s produced.

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