World's largest jet engine put to the test, expected in service by 2019

The GE9X may be seen in Boeing's next generation 777X series of planes which too are being tested for flight ability and efficiency.

World's largest jet engine put to the test, expected in service by 2019
Photo courtesy: GE Aviation

At a time when air travel is quickly replacing all other modes of travel - both within and between countries - the need to ferry more passengers in a single flight is being felt by many airlines. Little wonder then that GE Aviation recently tested a jet engine which is bigger and more powerful than any seen before.

The GE9X is reportedly capable of being fitted in planes that can carry up to 407 passengers courtesy its 100,000 pounds of thrust and front fan which measures 11.2 feet. A high-pressure compressor, new combustor and carbon-fibre blades are some of the other highlights. Expected to be incorporated into Boeing's latest 777X series by 2019 - once the large plane completes its flight test, the focus now is on improving efficiency further rather than just making an engine with an enormous dimension and capacity.

Aviation experts are predicting the GE9X in the 777X series to be a game-changer with major international carriers showing interest in incorporating these in their long-distance routes. It can also be boon for passengers who are looking for a seat in busy sectors - especially during holiday season.