Switzerland: IS suspects arrested over attack plan

Prosecutors say three people suspected of supporting the Islamic State group and thought to have been planning an attack in Europe were arrested in Switzerland earlier this year.

Israel's Temple Mount reopens amid tension

 Israeli police Friday reopened a key Jerusalem holy site after its closure amid tension following the shooting of a Jewish activist.

Death sentences upheld in China terrorist attack case

 A Chinese court Friday upheld the death sentences of three men implicated in a terrorist attack that killed 31 people at a railway station in Kunming, the capital city of southwest China`s Yunnan Province, earlier this year.

China to send elite army unit to help fight Ebola in Liberia

China will dispatch an elite unit from the People`s Liberation Army to help Ebola-hit Liberia, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday, responding to UN calls for a greater global effort to fight the deadly virus in West Africa.

Five killed in Afghan road accident

 At least five people were killed and 46 others injured Friday when a passenger bus collided with a truck in Afghanistan.

Militants threaten to behead Malaysian captive

 Abu Sayyaf militants have threatened to behead a Malaysian captive if ransom is not paid in November.

Japan's Sendai nuclear restart in final stage: Local Governor

- The governor of Kagoshima prefecture, home to Kyushu Electric Power Co`s Sendai plant, said restarting the nuclear facility was in its "final stage" in a positive sign for the industry, as the trade minister reiterated support for reviving idled reactors. 

Kurds' battle for Kobane unites a people divided by borders
Kurds' battle for Kobane unites a people divided by borders

Cloaked in Kurdish flags, thousands of people lined the roads to cheer on a military convoy headed for what was -- until recently -- an obscure Syrian border town, now the focus of a global war against the militants of Islamic State.

Over 29,000 Pakistanis still in Afghanistan

 Over 29,000 Pakistanis who fled North Waziristan because of an ongoing military operation are in Afghanistan, authorities said.

Norway to send troops to Iraq

 Norway announced that it will send 120 soldiers to Iraq.

Jerusalem Palestinian youths ready for new intifada

Fourteen-year-old Hisham, who was born around the start of the second Palestinian intifada, dreams of a new uprising so he can play his part in "defending" Jerusalem`s Al-Aqsa mosque.

Ukraine rebel vote drives further wedge between Russia and West

Pro-Russian separatists controlling swathes of east Ukraine are set to hold leadership polls on Sunday that Moscow has backed despite condemnation from Kiev and the West.

German kidnapped in Nigeria rescued

 A German national, who was abducted a week ago in Nigeria, has been "rescued", authorities confirmed.

China pledges financial aid to Afghanistan

 China Friday pledged to provide a non-reimbursable assistance of 500 million yuan ($81.43 million) to Afghanistan this year, authorities said.

Jailed reporter's family urges Iran to release him

 The family of Washington Post`s Iranian-American reporter Jason Rezaian, held without charges in Iran for more than 100 days, has called on Tehran to set him free.

US nurse defies Ebola quarantine with bike ride; negotiations fail

 A nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone but has tested negative for the virus went for a bike ride on Thursday, defying Maine`s order that she be quarantined in her home and setting up a legal collision with Governor Paul LePage.

Mayor in China`s Xinjiang probed for graft: Govt

The Uighur mayor of a violence-racked city in China`s far-western Xinjiang region is being investigated for corruption, a government notice said, as central authorities broaden their highly publicised anti-graft probe.

Sniffer dogs join search for Sri Lanka mudslide victims

Sniffer dogs were brought in Friday to join the search for bodies at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, two days after a major mudslide buried alive scores of people.

Obama urges progress in Myanmar ahead of rare roundtable

US President Barack Obama urged Myanmar`s government to make every effort to conclude a national ceasefire and protect the rights of minorities, just hours before the country`s president and the military chief met opposition political parties and ethnic minority groups.

60 years on, independence war defines modern Algeria

Sixty years on, the war of independence from France remains a defining moment for Algeria and its elite, like 79-year-old Zohra Drif, a senator who once set off a bomb that left three people dead. 

Myanmar President opens unprecedented talks with Suu Kyi, Army
Myanmar President opens unprecedented talks with Suu Kyi, Army

Myanmar`s first multilateral roundtable summit talks on domestic political affairs started Friday at the Presidential Palace here.

Gorbachev allies feel betrayed by West, 25 years on

Swept along by the excitement as the Berlin Wall was torn down, former top Soviet officials now say, 25 years on, they feel stabbed in the back by the West.

Four dead, five injured after plane crashes at Kansas airport

Four people were killed, including the pilot, and five injured when a small airplane crashed into a building at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita on Thursday, setting off an explosion and huge fireball, officials said.

US quarantines ''chilling'' Ebola fight in West Africa: MSF

Mandatory quarantines ordered by some US states for doctors and nurses returning from West Africa`s Ebola outbreak are creating a "chilling effect" on aid work there, the humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders said on Thursday.

US man pleads guilty to trying to help Islamic State group

A US man has pleaded guilty to trying to help the Islamic State jihadist group and now faces 15 years in prison and a USD 250,000 fine, officials said.

US hopeful of peaceful Burkina Faso transition

The United States on Thursday said it hoped for a peaceful transition of power in Burkina Faso following a violent uprising sparked by anger at President Blaise Compaore`s 27-year reign.

Barack Obama calls for 'inclusive' vote process in Myanmar

US President Barack Obama has called for an "inclusive and credible" elections process next year in Myanmar, where President Thein Sein was set to hold an unprecedented political summit today with his rivals.

South Korea activists launch anti-North leaflets

South Korean activists said they launched more than one million anti-North Korean leaflets across the border Friday, a move likely to infuriate Pyongyang, which has demanded Seoul ban such exercises.

Israel recalls ambassador after Sweden recognises Palestinian state

 Israel recalled its ambassador to Sweden Thursday to protest the Scandinavian country`s decision to recognise a Palestinian state, an Israeli foreign ministry source said.

US urges restraint after Israel vows to reopen Al-Aqsa mosque

The United States has urged all sides in Jerusalem to exercise restraint amid spiralling tensions in the holy city, and said it was working with Israelis, Palestinian and Jordanians to try to restore calm.