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Egypt arrests Salafist leaders over protest call

Egyptian security forces have arrested five Salafist leaders after their hardline Islamist group called for a protest against the army later this week, authorities said on Monday.

China blasts `irresponsible` US comments on island project

Beijing on Monday dismissed as "irresponsible" US criticism of its construction of an artificial island reportedly large enough for an airstrip in a disputed section of the South China Sea.

Ukraine to hold referendum on joining NATO

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said here on Monday a referendum will be held to decide whether his country should join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Saudi Arabia says Islamic State ordered attack on Shiites in al-Ahsa

Saudi Arabia has arrested the four main suspects in an attack on Shiite Muslims this month and believes it was ordered by Islamic State militants from abroad, the state news agency cited an Interior Ministry security spokesman as saying on Monday.

Around 100 killed in east DR Congo, Uganda rebels blamed

About 100 people were slaughtered last week in a fresh massacre in the restive east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, blamed by the government on Uganda rebels, lawmakers told AFP on Monday.

47 dead as plague spreads to Madagascar capital

Madagascar said on Monday it was trying to contain an outbreak of plague -- similar to the Black Death that swept medieval Europe -- that has killed 47 people and is spreading to the capital Antananarivo.

Stolen Ebola blood `lost for good` says Guinea

Guinea said on Monday a cooler carrying a stolen blood sample infected with the deadly Ebola virus, stolen en route to a test centre, was unlikely ever to be found.

Putin sparks Georgia fury with 'annexation' deal in Abkhazia

Russia cemented control over neighbouring Georgia's rebel Abkhazia region on Monday with a "strategic partnership" deal that the Georgian government said amounts to annexation.

Israel, Palestinians must step back from the brink: UN chief

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Israel and the Palestinians on Monday to step back from the brink and return to peace talks before time runs out.

Israeli stabbed in east Jerusalem: Police

An Israeli student of a Jewish seminary was stabbed in the Old City of annexed east Jerusalem late Monday, leading to the arrests of three alleged Palestinian assailants, police said.

Niger elects new Parliament head after ex-speaker flees

Lawmakers in Niger chose an ex-opposition member to become the new head of Parliament on Monday, replacing Hama Amadou who fled to France after being named in a baby trafficking scandal.

Arab-Israeli soccer match ends in violence

Tensions arising from Israel's recent incidents of violence spread Sunday night to a soccer game between the Arab-Israeli team Bnei Shakhnin and Beitar Jerusalem, whose fans are of the ultranationalist Jewish tendency.

Turkey rejects easing relations with Egypt

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that he rejected the reconciliation efforts for friendly relations with Egypt.

Baghdad car bomb kills at least 10: Officials

A car bomb exploded in a crowded Shiite-majority area of the Iraqi capital on Monday, killing at least 10 people and wounding at least 31, security and medical officials said.

Iran president says nuclear deal will be done
Iran president says nuclear deal will be done

Iran`s President Hassan Rouhani said Monday that a nuclear deal with world powers would be done despite a missed deadline in Vienna that prompted a seven-month extension in talks.

Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson police shooting: Report

A grand jury has reached a decision on whether to indict a white police officer for the fatal shooting of a black teenager that set off days of violent protests, US media reported on Monday.

Landslide derails cargo train in China, kills 2

Two drivers of a freight train were killed on Monday after it was struck by a landslide and got derailed in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

32 dead as floods sweep Morocco

At least 32 people were killed and six were missing as of Monday due to the heavy rains and flooding experienced in various regions of Morocco over the last two days, the interior ministry said.

Burkina PM pledges reforms after new government`s first meeting

Burkina Faso`s military ruler turned prime minister pledged to carry out reforms on Monday as an interim government formed in the wake of president Blaise Compaore`s fall met for the first time.

Raid hits Libyan capital`s only working airport: Witnesses

An air raid on Monday hit the runway of the Libyan capital`s only working airport, witnesses and an airport security source said.

Turkey governor under fire over museum plan for synagogue

A Turkish regional governor was accused Monday of inciting hatred towards the country`s Jewish community after suggesting a synagogue be turned into a museum as a reprisal for Israel`s policies over the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

United Nations members resolve to end child marriage

The United Nations agreed on Friday that all members should pass and enforce laws banning child marriages, resolving to end a practice that affects about 15 million girls every year.

Saudi says attackers behind Shiite killings linked to IS

Saudi Arabia said Monday the assailants behind Shiite killings earlier this month are linked to the Islamic State jihadist group, including many jailed previously over suspected extremist ties.

UK government says foiled Mumbai-style terror plot

The British government on Monday revealed that it had foiled a potential terrorist strike on the lines of the Mumbai attacks of 2008, even as it announced new tougher anti-terror measures planned for the country.

Child trafficking on the rise: UN

One in three victims of human trafficking worldwide is a child, many of them subject to sexual exploitation or forced labour, a UN report said Monday.

Pope urges Sisi to ensure peace during Egypt transition

Pope Francis urged Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday to ensure peace during his country`s political transition and called on Egypt to embrace its diplomatic role in the troubled Middle East.

Nigeria lurches from crisis to crisis as elections approach

Nigeria`s government took out a two-page advertisement in a number of national newspapers on Monday. Its message: President Goodluck Jonathan is the best leader the country has ever had.

Ukraine leader, under pressure from West, pledges new government soon

Ukraine will take the first steps this week towards forming a new government, President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday, seeking to assuage concern among his Western allies that the delay is holding up reform and imperilling Western assistance.

Nigeria`s top Islamic leader slams military on Boko Haram fight

Nigeria`s top Islamic leader on Monday accused the military of fleeing when Boko Haram attacks, returning only when the violence has ended to "terrorise" the victims.

Afghan bombings kill 2 NATO troops, 6 civilians

Bombings across Afghanistan killed two NATO troops and six civilians on Monday, authorities said, as the death toll in the country's deadliest insurgent attack this year rose to at least 50.