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Development banks pledge USD 15 bln in new climate funds

Development banks including the World Bank have pledged an additional USD 15 billion a year by 2020 to fight climate change, taking the world closer to the clutch target of USD 100 billion, officials have said.

Four killed trying to stop elephant poachers in Congo

An African Parks helicopter that was sent out to rescue the rangers itself came under fire but managed to retrieve six members of the patrol unit.

Fresh clashes erupt in Afghanistan's Kunduz city

Militants fired rounds of rockets from outer sides of the city during the clashes, which struck several houses.

US House passes bill to lift oil export ban, veto looming

The US House of Representative passed a bill on Friday to appeal the 40-year-old oil export ban, but its future was uncertain facing a veto threatened by the White House.

Nobel prize a tribute to 'courage' of Tunisian people: Obama

Today's award is therefore also a tribute to the perseverance and courage of the Tunisian people, said Obama.

Seven killed in Mali, Burkina attacks blamed on jihadists

Seven people, including one fighter, were killed today in two separate border region attacks blamed on jihadists in Mali and neighbouring Burkina Faso, security and government sources said.

US says Palestinian stabbings 'acts of terror'

New clashes erupted Friday in Gaza, where Israeli forces opened fire and killed six Palestinians.

Guatemala mudslide toll rises to 253 dead

The mounting toll from a mudslide that buried a Guatemalan community on October 1 has risen to 253 confirmed dead, authorities said Friday, with several hundred more unaccounted for.

Turkish police detain newspaper editor for 'insulting Erdogan'

Turkish police today detained the editor of a leading English-language daily newspaper on suspicion of "insulting" President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a series of tweets.

Pakistan summons Indian envoy over Samjhauta Express disruption

The Indian farmers were holding a demonstration to demand compensation for destruction of their cotton crop, according to reports.

Gun-rights activists protest Obama visit

About 200 protesters were milling around outside Roseburg airport Friday, some carrying placards saying Obama was not welcome and "Obama Go Home."

Tears and confusion as Hungary tries 'criminal' migrants

The government ordered the building of the razor wire barrier in August to stem the flow of migrants.

Pope turns bishops' attention to family crises in Mideast

The bishops' meeting is discussing how to better minister to families facing issues big and small.

One fatally shot at Texas Southern University housing complex

Last week, eight students and a teacher were fatally shot at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. 

Violence spreads to Gaza, Israeli troops kill 6 Palestinians

Ahmed al-Hirbawi, Shadi Dawla, Abed al-Wahidi and Nabil Sharaf, all aged 20, were shot and killed east of the al-Shujaiyeh neighbourhood.

Expats spooked after 2 foreigners gunned down in Bangladesh

The killings are affecting our business. We had to cancel some bookings," said a five-star hotel manager in Dhaka.

Russian missile firm to hold rival MH17 briefing as Dutch report released

The Russian manufacturer of the missile system blamed for shooting down flight MH17 said on Friday it would unveil the "real reasons" for the disaster on the same day Dutch investigators present their final report on the tragedy.

Pentagon scaling back Syria rebel training: Officials
Pentagon scaling back Syria rebel training: Officials

The Pentagon is to stop building Syrian rebel units to fight the Islamic State and focus instead on training and arming vetted leaders, a US defense official said on Friday.

US pulling out Patriot missiles from Turkey

 The US on Friday started to withdraw its Patriot missile batteries from Turkey, despite Russia's weekend incursions into Ankara's airspace amid a deepening crisis in Syria.

Israeli fire kills five Palestinians in clashes on Gaza border

Israeli fire killed five Palestinians and wounded 21 during clashes on Friday near Gaza's border, the first unrest-related deaths there after days of violence in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, medics said.

Islamic State group seizes villages north of Aleppo city
Islamic State group seizes villages north of Aleppo city

Islamic State militants seized a string of villages from rival insurgents north of Aleppo city on Friday, in a surprise attack that came despite intensive Russian airstrikes that Moscow insists are targeting the extremist group, activists said.

One shot dead, three wounded in US university 'confrontation'

A student armed with a handgun killed a fellow student in a "confrontation" at an Arizona university on Friday that also left three others with multiple gunshot wounds, police said, in the latest shooting at a US college.

Honeymoon murder case: 'No inquest into Anni Dewani's death'

There is no "sufficient cause" for an inquest into the death of Anni Dewani, the Indo-Swedish wife of British-Indian millionaire Shrien Dewani, after he was acquitted by a South African court last year of killing her during their honeymoon, a British Coroner said on Friday.

Chinese family fined $1.10 lakh for violating one-child policy
Chinese family fined $1.10 lakh for violating one-child policy

A Chinese family with seven children has been slapped with a hefty fine of USD 110,180 for violating the country's controversial one-child policy, resurfacing concerns over the stringent family planning policy that was relaxed recently.

Scottish Ebola nurse back in isolation

A 39-year-old Scottish nurse who had contracted the deadly Ebola in West Africa was on Friday readmitted to an isolation unit after she developed what appears to be a very rare reactivation of the virus at a hospital here.

Why ISIS jihadis are so obsessed with Toyota trucks?
Why ISIS jihadis are so obsessed with Toyota trucks?

Toyota has spoken with US officials about the prominent use of its vehicles by ISIS jihadis in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Leave country if Australian values were 'unpalatable', says PM Malcolm Turnbull
Leave country if Australian values were 'unpalatable', says PM Malcolm Turnbull

Sending a strong message to those involved in terrorism, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday advised people to leave the country if Australian values were "unpalatable" to them.

Yemeni President dismisses Houthi concessions as 'manoeuvre'
Yemeni President dismisses Houthi concessions as 'manoeuvre'

Yemen's government dismissed as a "manoeuvre" on Thursday the Houthis' acceptance of a UN-sponsored peace plan and demanded that the Iran-backed group hand back territory it has seized since last year.

UN proposes National Unity Government for Libya's warring factions, obstacles remain
UN proposes National Unity Government for Libya's warring factions, obstacles remain

The United Nations on Thursday proposed to a national unity government to Libya's warring factions meant to end their conflict, but any deal must overcome resistance from hardliners and pass a vote in their rival parliaments to succeed.

Russia denies US claim that 4 Syria-bound missiles crashed in Iran
Russia denies US claim that 4 Syria-bound missiles crashed in Iran

Russia's defence ministry denied a claim by a US official Thursday that four Syria-bound Russian cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea had crashed in Iran.