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Iraq Sunni politician brands Ramadi pullout `shameful`

One of Iraq`s leading Sunni Arab politicians, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq, branded as "shameful" Friday the army`s chaotic pullout from Anbar provincial capital Ramadi.

China raps Japan for PM`s wife`s war shrine visit

China on Friday renewed its call for Japan to "face up to" its 20th century history after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe`s wife visited a shrine Beijing sees as a symbol of Tokyo`s warring past.

4.2-magnitude earthquake strikes parts of UK

A moderate 4.2-magnitude earthquake on Friday struck some parts of the UK but no casualities were reported.

North Korean leader's elder brother at London pop concert

Television images of Kim Jong-chol, elder brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at a music concert in London were broadcast on Japanese and South Korean media on Friday.

Turkey ruling party nails giant election banner into Roman aqueduct

Turkey`s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has outraged archaeologists by nailing a giant election banner over an ancient Istanbul aqueduct that is one of the city`s most famed landmarks.

IS seizes Iraq-Syria border post consolidating `caliphate`

 The Islamic State group Friday kept up a counteroffensive that has rocked US strategy, seizing a key border crossing after capturing an Iraqi provincial capital and a renowned Syrian heritage site.

Myanmar`s Rohingya parents anxious for news of missing children

A generation of young Rohingya Muslims are disappearing on boats to escape persecution and despair in Myanmar, leaving frantic parents behind clutching on to little more than photographs and fading hope that their children are safe.

Benghazi e-mails show Hillary Clinton's correspondence with adviser

Longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal had been blocked from working for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the State Department by sceptical White House officials.

Chinese Premier offers investment in post-conflict Colombia

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday his country would invest in a post-conflict Colombia, despite the uncertainty of stop-start peace talks between the Latin American nation and rebels to end decades of fighting.

This police chief foiled armed robbery with just a folding chair

Fiji's recently appointed police chief has displayed his crime-busting credentials in dramatic fashion, fighting off a gang of robbers at a Suva restaurant with just a folding chair.

Probe on-the-run Goa lawmaker's Facebook photo change: Congress

The Congress has asked the police to trace convicted former Goa minister Francisco Pacheco, who has been dodging arrest for nearly a month-and-a-half, after he changed his Facebook profile photograph.

Son of former Honduran president arrested in Haiti and sent to US

Haitian and US authorities have arrested the son of the former president of Honduras and sent him to New York where he faces drug trafficking charges, the government of Honduras said.

Burundi protesters defy police crackdown

 Anti-government protesters in Burundi marched on the streets of the capital Bujumbura on Friday, defying one of the heaviest pushes by police to end weeks of demonstrations.

Rebels seize hospital holding 150 Syrian soldiers: Monitor

 Islamist rebels on Friday overran a hospital in northwest Syria where at least 150 regime forces and dozens of civilians were trapped for nearly a month, a monitor said. 

Seven sacked, 13 suspended in Zimbabwe ruling party purge

Zimbabwe`s ruling party has expelled seven former top officials and suspended 13 others, an official announced on Friday, in an ongoing purge targeting allies of ex-deputy president Joice Mujuru.

DMZ peace marchers rebuff criticism

A group of international women peace activists who plan to cross the border from North to South Korea this weekend, defended themselves Friday against "overheated" charges that Pyongyang was manipulating them for propaganda purposes.

Thailand again says election could be delayed

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Friday a general election will take place in the Southeast Asian country in April or May 2016 - but could be delayed by three months if a referendum takes place.

Merkel says still `a lot to do` for Greek debt deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday there was still a lot of work needed to reach agreement with Greece on its debt bailout, as tortuous talks drag on amid fears Athens could run out of money.

Rallies after student threatened over Charlie Hebdo tribute

Teachers and students at a French school rallied in support of a pupil who received death threats for publishing an edition of the school newspaper in support of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

China calls US actions in South China Sea 'irresponsible, dangerous'
China calls US actions in South China Sea 'irresponsible, dangerous'

China said on Friday it was "strongly dissatisfied" after a US military plane flew over part of the South China Sea near where China is building artificial islands, and called on the United States to stop such action or risk causing an accident.

David Cameron always difficult: Euro parliament head

A senior EU official said he did not expect unusually tough talks on Friday with David Cameron, who has brought his demands for reform of the bloc to a summit in Riga -- because, he said, talking to the British prime minister was always difficult.

UK`s Cameron to visit Paris, Berlin for talks next week

Prime Minister David Cameron will travel to Paris and Berlin next week for talks as Britain seeks to renegotiate its relationship with the EU, British officials said Friday.

Australia urged to fix transport systems or face gridlock

Australia must pour more money into transport systems or risk gridlock in its biggest cities costing more than Aus$53 billion (US$42 billion) a year, an infrastructure audit published Friday found.

China`s Jerusalem` targets party members of faith

The city known as China`s centre of Christianity, Wenzhou, has launched a crackdown on Communist Party members with religious beliefs, the local government said, following tighter regulation of church buildings.

US planes keep distance from Chinese `islands` -- for now

US surveillance aircraft and naval ships have yet to test China`s territorial claims around artificial islands built in the South China Sea, but the Pentagon warned Thursday that could be "the next step".

UK PM predicts `ups and downs` in EU renegotiation bid
UK PM predicts `ups and downs` in EU renegotiation bid

Prime Minister David Cameron predicted there would be "ups and downs" in Britain`s bid to renegotiate its relationship with the European Union as he arrived at a summit in Riga Friday.

US sending 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Iraq

 The US Defence Department will send 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Iraq to help in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

Islamist Shebab gunmen storm Kenya village

 Islamist gunmen raided a village in northeastern Kenya, the interior ministry said Friday, the latest in a string of brazen attacks by the Somali-led, Al-Qaeda affiliated insurgents.

Myanmar Navy carries out first rescue of migrant boat: Official

 Myanmar`s Navy has carried out its first rescue of a migrant boat bringing 208 people to shore, an official told AFP Friday, after mounting international pressure on the nation to tackle a regional migration crisis.