Politician of the year: Dr Manmohan Singh
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Politician of the year
2011 would be remembered as a politically active year, especially in the wake of Anna Hazare's Lokpal campaign and Assembly polls in several states. How do you think the politicians fared? Rate them here...
Sportsperson of the year
Who according to you was the best sportsperson of the year for India Was it Dhoni or Yuvraj or Ronjan Singh Sodhi? Take your pick and rate the best.
Movie of the year
Movies that made you laugh, cry and conjured all your emotions up by the sheer magic of cinema, here is a list of films for you to rate the one which lived up to your expectations thereby putting a stellar show at the Box office:
Entertainer of the year
They are the people who made you sit back and watch. Performers, artists, reality TV stars features in the list of favorite entertainers of 2011.Here a chance to rate the one who entertained you the most in this year:
Businessperson of the year
From change of guard in the best conglomerates to flamboyancy being the nemesis we saw it all. Now it’s your turn to choose the numero uno businessperson of the year.
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