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They want to get rid of Sikhs: Pakistan's first-ever Sikh police officer Gulab Singh

Gulab Singh has claimed that the minority community members are being given a step-motherly treatment in Pakistan.

They want to get rid of Sikhs: Pakistan's first-ever Sikh police officer Gulab Singh
Image Credit: ANI

ISLAMABAD: Gulab Singh, Pakistan's first-ever Sikh officer who was manhandled and evicted from his home in Lahore, has alleged step-motherly treatment towards the Sikh community members living in the Islamic country.

Speaking to ANI, Gulab Singh claimed that ''Pakistan wants to get rid of the Sikhs from the country.''

Narrating his ordeal, Singh said, ''I was harassed, beaten and my faith was disrespected.''

Gulab Singh, the Pakistani policeman who was forcibly evicted from his house in Lahore, said that his house was sealed with all belongings including his slippers.

''Even this 'patka' on my head is an old rag which I just wrapped,'' Singh said.

Singh, however, thanked all those who supported his cause and raised the issue of alleged ill-treatment being meted out to people like him in Pakistan. 

''Even in 1947, we Sikhs did not leave Pakistan but now we are being forced to do so,'' Gulab Singh said.

Gulab Singh had made headlines on Tuesday by alleging that he had been forcefully evicted from his house in Lahore and his turban untied by local policemen.

"This is how Sikhs are being treated in Pakistan. I am being targeted. I was dragged out of my own house in Dera Chahal, my turban was opened," he charged.

A video of Singh pleading with local Pakistani police officials to give him some time to move out of his residence also went viral. 

"At least give us ten minutes, we are staying here since 1947," Singh can be heard saying in the viral video. 

He also claimed that he was given no notice or reason for the eviction.

Pakistan has a dismal record of giving a step-motherly treatment to the members of the minorities residing in the county. There have numerous reports in the past about country's all-powerful secret service - ISI - targeting the Sikh youths and forcing them to carry out terrorist activities in India.