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Chhattisgarh Assembly poll results: Congress defeats BJP, Raman Singh takes responsibility

Despite a boycott call by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the state recorded an overall turnout of 76.35 per cent in the two-phased assembly elections.

Chhattisgarh Assembly poll results: Congress defeats BJP, Raman Singh takes responsibility
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As the counting of votes for Chhattisgarh Assembly elections 2018 nears the end, Congress has got a record majority while BJP stands distant second. The counting of votes began at 8 am on Tuesday. Tight security arrangements have been made at the counting centres in all 27 districts, particularly the Naxal-affected ones, where voting was held in two phases on November 12 and 20 to elect a new 90-member Assembly.

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As many as 5,184 counting personnel and 1,500 micro-observers have been appointed for smooth conduct of the process. In every counting hall, 14 tables will be arranged in rows of seven tables each, apart from separate tables for the returning officer and for counting of postal ballots.

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Here are the highlights:

# Thank you for joining us for the live updates.

# As the counting of votes for the Chhattisgarh Assembly elections concluded, Congress recorded a majority with 68 sests in their favour while BJP lied distant second with 15 seats. The Ajit Jogi-led JCC and Mayawati-led BSP alliance bagged the 7 remaining seats.

# "Such a huge mandate indicates that people have a lot of expectations from Congress. The victory that we have got will bind us with the public. Our party will definitely face challenges and work for the development of the public," said Congress TS Singh Deo.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge has been appointed as observers for Chhattisgarh: ANI

# As per the trends available at 6 pm:

Chhattisgarh 60/60

* Congress - 65

* BJP - 16

* JCC - 8

* Others - 1

# We humbly accept the mandate by the people. They have not given us the right, they have given us a responsibility. They believed the promises we made in our manifesto. People trusted the words of Rahul Gandhi ji and gave us an agenda, we accept it: PL Punia, Congress

# This is a victory of democracy. BJP had a lot of money and a team of corrupt officers, they also had conspirators in their pocket. Despite all of this, the mandate given by the people in Chhattisgarh is historic: Bhupesh Baghel, Chhattisgarh Congress president

# The opposition leaders met yesterday except for leaders from two parties. We will contest elections together; our first aim is to defeat BJP and today’s result is the first step in that direction: Sibal

# This is the victory of Rahul Gandhi, our party, workers, people, and the fight against scams. This is the victory of humanity: Kapil Sibal, Congress

# I take the responsibility for this defeat because the poll was contested under my leadership. We will act as a strong Opposition and work for the development of the state: Singh

# We respect the mandate that the public has given. I congratulate Congress on this success. I consider it my luck to serve the public of Chhattisgarh for the last 15 years: Raman Singh 

# I have tendered my resignation to the Governor: Outgoing Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh

# Anita Yogendra Sharma of Congress wins from Dharsiwa

# BJP's Vijaynath Singh wins from Lundra

# Congress's Kuldeep Juneja wins from Raipur City

# Congress candidate Purushottam Kanwar wins from Katghora

# Renu Ajit Jogi of JCC wins from Kota

# Amitesh Shukla of Congress wins from Rajim

# Congress's TS Baba wins from Ambikapur

# Brihaspat Singh of Congress wins from Ramanujganj

# Congress candidate Deepak Baij wins from Chitrakot seat.

# Congress's Amarjeet Bhagat wins from Sitapur constituency.

# Congress's Samri Chintamani Maharaj wins from Samria.

# This is the semi-final of the final match as 2019 elections will be held in next 2-3 months. For 2019 final match game is clear, now we are just waiting for the elections.The countdown for 2019 has begun. This is the beginning of the end: Mamata Banerjee 

# There are many reasons behind BJP's defeat, proud of being in power and misuse of democratic institutions are some. People from all strata of society are against BJP. This a disaster for them: Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal CM

# Congress candidate Baghel Lakheshwar wins from Bastar seat.

# Congress's Rekhchand Jain wins from Jagdalpur constituency.

# Chhattisgarh Congress president Bhupesh Baghel and workers celebrate in Raipur.

# Newly elected Congress MLAs of Chhattisgarh will meet in Raipur on Wednesday.

# Chhattisgarh Congress president Bhupesh Baghel arrives at the party office in Raipur, says, people of the state took the fight in their own hands. We are grateful to Rahul Gandhi, we fought for the people. We got more seats than expected, high command will decide who will be CM

# TDP respects the mandate of people of Telangana. Congratulations to K Chandrasekhar Rao. Also, best wishes to all the newly elected public representatives of 5 states: Chandrababu Naidu

# People recognize that BJP has done nothing in the last 5 years and moving towards an alternative. People are with us in our fight against BJP. These 5 states results will help form a strong alternative to the BJP: Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu

# Here are the latest trends in the Chhattisgarh Assembly polls:

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 10

* Congress - 70

* JCC+ - 9

* Others - 1

# The latest trends suggest:

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 15

* Congress - 66

* JCC+ - 8

* Others - 1

# Visuals from Bharatiya Janata Party office in Raipur. BJP is leading on 15 seats while Congress is leading on 61 seats, out of the total 90 seats in the state.

# Latest trends at 2 pm:

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 18

* Congress - 65

* JCC+ - 6

* Others - 1

# I knew we would lose in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh but MP trends have come as a surprise. I think we forgot the issue of development that Modi took up in 2014. Ram Mandir, statues and name changing became the focus: Sanjay Kakade, BJP Rajya Sabha MP

# Celebrations outside Congress office in Raipur. Congress is leading on 60 out of 90 seats in the state.

# Congress workers celebrate outside the party office in Ludhiana.

# BJP's wrong policies have destroyed the country and this is a result of that. Any talk of an alliance will be done once the whole picture is clear: Ramgopal Yadav, SP

# As Congress is leading from three states - Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, party workers celebrate in Kolkata.

# Here are the latest trends of Chhattisgarh Assembly polls 2018:

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 22

* Congress - 59

* JCC+ - 7

* Others - 2

# Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh is leading by 1375 votes from Rajnandgaon.

# Congress workers celebrate in Raipur as trends show that the party is leading in Chhattisgarh.

# In 2019, I will be a part of the alliance formed to topple Modi-led NDA government. But there is no such alliance in place till now, says Ajit Jogi

# First attempt of any new political party is the same as that of JCC. We are satisfied with our performance, says Ajit Jogi.

# "The BJP was not in a position to perform at all. We feel that we have cut more of BJP's votes," says Ajit Jogi.

# Former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi says that despite getting election symbol just two months ahead of the Assembly elections, they managed to establish JCC as a prominent party in the state. "I have the satisfaction that now people won't say that there are just two options in Chhattisgarh. I have brought a third alternative for the people in Chhattisgarh," says Ajit Jogi.

# I won't say these are victories of Congress but this is an anger of the people. Self-reflection is needed: Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena 

# The latest trends suggest that the Congress is leading on 59 seats while the BJP stands distant second, leading on 21 seats. JCC is ahead on 8 seats and Others on 2 seats.

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 21

* Congress - 59

* JCC+ - 8

* Others - 2

# Official ECI trends suggest that Congress is leading on 53 seats, BJP is leading on 16 seats, JCC on 4 seats and others on 2 seats.

# We can't say anything right after the first round of counting. We hope to form the government in Chhattisgarh. It's a very close fight: Saroj Pandey, BJP national general secretary and MP from Durg

# According to official ECI trends, Congress is leading on 40 seats, BJP is leading on 15 seats while JCC is ahead on 5 seats.

# Rahul bhai (Rahul Gandhi) pehle se hi sabko saath leke chalte hain. Insaniyat ki moorat hain. Jo haath Bharat ki takdir ko apne haathon mein lene waale hain, wo bade majboot hain, aur BJP ka naya naam - GTU, 'Gire to bhi Tang Upar': Punjab Minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu

# Congress is leading on 57 seats while BJP is ahead on 25 seats and JCC on 7 seats.

Chhattisgarh 90/90

* BJP - 25

* Congress - 57

* JCC+ - 7

* Others - 1

# As per official ECI trends, Congress is leading on 21 seats, BJP leading on 5 seats and JCC on 2 seats.

# Latest trends data suggest that Congress is ahead on 56 seats while BJP is leading on seats. JCC and Others are leading on 6 and 1 seats respectively.

Chhattisgarh 86/90

* BJP - 25

* Congress - 56

* JCC+ - 6

* Others - 1

# Official ECI trends show that Congress is leading on 13 seats, BJP leading on 4 seats while JCC on 1 seat in Chhattisgarh.

# These are early trends. We hope to perform well, says Home Minister Rajnath Singh

# According to the latest trends, Congress is leading on 54 seats while BJP is ahead on 26 seats.

Chhattisgarh 86/90

* BJP - 26

* Congress - 54

* JCC+ - 5

* Others - 1

# Along with Chhattisgarh, counting is underway in four other states - Telangana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram. While Congress has crossed the half-way mark in Rajasthan, BJP is leading in Madhya Pradesh giving a close fight to the grand old party.

# Party workers celebrate outside Congress office in Delhi.

# According to official ECI trends, former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi is at the third position at Marwahi. BJP is leading and Congress is at second.

# Congress crosses half-way mark as it leads on 48 seats while BJP is ahead on 30 seats.

Chhattisgarh 84/90

* BJP - 30

* Congress - 48

* JCC+ - 5

* Others - 1

# The latest trends show that Congress is about to cross the half-way mark who is presently leading on 44 seats. BJP too is trying hard, giving a close fight to the grand old party.

Chhattisgarh 83/90

* BJP - 33

* Congress - 44

* JCC+ - 5

* Others - 1

# Chattisgarh incumbent Chief Minister Raman Singh is trailing from Rajnandgaon while Congress's Karuna Shukla has taken the lead.

# We'll definitely form the government in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Seeing the early trends coming from Rajasthan, we believe BJP will form a government there as well: Kailash Vijayvargiya, BJP

# It's too early. Anything can be said only after 12 pm. Leads of only postal ballots have come till now. I am confident that in Madhya Pradesh, Congress will form the government. We have a favourable situation in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh: Congress leader Digvijay Singh 

# Latest trends suggest that Congress has overtaken BJP with the former leading on 37 states while the latter on 28 seats.

Chhattisgarh 69/90

* BJP - 28

* Congress - 37

* JCC+ - 3

* Others - 1

# Firecrackers brought to Congress office in Delhi by party leader Jagdish Sharma as counting for the assembly elections in five states is underway.

# BJP is giving a close fight to Congress which has taken a slight lead as per the latest trends.

Chhattisgarh 45/90

* BJP - 20

* Congress - 22

* JCC+ - 3

* Others - 0 

# Here are the latest trends:

Chhattisgarh 43/90

* BJP - 20

* Congress - 20

* JCC+ - 3

* Others - 0 

# As per the latest trends, now, the BJP has taken a lead, Congress lies second. JCC enters the fight, taking lead on one seat.

# Congress workers perform 'hawan' outside Rahul Gandhi's residence in Delhi.

Chhattisgarh 33/90

* BJP - 20

* Congress - 18

* JCC+ - 1

* Others - 0 

# Early trends show that the Congress is leading on 12 seats while BJP lies close second with 9 seats.

Chhattisgarh 21/90

* BJP - 9

* Congress - 12

* JCC+ - 0

* Others - 0 

# Counting of votes for Chhattisgarh Assembly polls has begun. Along with Mizoram and Telangana 

# Visuals from outside a counting centre in Raipur. Counting of votes for Chhattisgarh Assembly elections 2018 will start at 8 am today.


The fate of 1,079 contestants, including the chief minister, his 11 ministers and state presidents of the BJP and the Congress will be decided by the end of the day. Of the 90 Assembly segments, 51 are for general category while 10 segments are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 29 for Scheduled Tribes.

Despite a boycott call by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the state recorded an overall turnout of 76.35 per cent in the two-phased assembly elections.

Chhattisgarh, which has been dominated by BJP and Congress so far, is witnessing a coalition among Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), former chief minister Ajit Jogi's Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (J) and Communist Party of India (CPI) this year.

While most of the exit polls have predicted a close fight between BJP and Congress, some of the agencies have given a slight edge to the Congress party. In the 2013 elections, the BJP won 49 seats, the Congress 39, while one seat each was bagged by the BSP and an Independent.