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The Death of Harry Potter

Harry Potter died because corruption in India did not spare the little plate of a hungry child.

On killing a rapist

I was one of the lucky protesters who managed to grab the rapist.

Jana Gana Mana...

An old mud-brown sculpture of a stout man, holding a torch in his right hand would intrigue us as children.

To whomever it may ‘concern’…

I personally don’t know you, but I know what you have been through.

A chapter on the Romeos of our age!

Learn the definition, origin, characteristics and types of Romeos found in our society.

The End

My bespectacled great-grandmother used to narrate a strange tale when she was alive.

Keep your date with darkness!

At this ‘Earth Hour’ we need to invite darkness with a special prayer.

Aamir or Javed – your take?

What’s your take dear? I confidently say an actor is superior to a writer, therefore, I vote for Aamir.

The ‘Big Boss’ at my office!

As all of us sit glued to our respective machines, eyes pasted on the screens, fingers dancing over the keyboards at an alarming rate and minds working overtime, he has the audacity to arrive at the slowest gait possible. We look at him enviously, fiercely, resentfully!

‘Swayamvar’ in a library

I ran from the pages of a half-written manuscript because my author, a bespectacled cantankerous man, was getting me married to a buffoon.

My other ‘mom’!

She was crying like a little girl on a relative’s shoulders as she looked at me from afar.

Warring fairies of the magical town!

Athena, the beautiful Goddess of War looked down from Mount Olympus in the sky and smiled.

Where’s the ugly girl?

The ugly girl has been missing from books, canvasses, songs, sculptures, films, advertisement, matrimonial columns…and society

From the pillow of a sinful celebrity!

As I happily sunk into the pillow of one of the hottest stars in Bollywood, my head started spinning. To my great horror, I could hear voices coming out from the pillow – angst-filled, shaky, disturbing, growling voices.

Listen to your ‘shoe’!

I’m mightier than a pen! Gone are the days, when I would silently lie beneath your feet. I speak now. Haven’t you heard me through cartoons, newspapers, TV discussions, debates etc these days?

Post-mortem of a loving heart!

One day I killed a heart and invited my love specialist friends to perform a post-mortem. I stood over the heart, which was kept on a plate, smiling with mirth and euphoric over my victory.

The lady who stopped smiling

No, she is not screaming like those on TV channels, she is not writing condemning articles, she is not actively participating in demonstrations.

Eye candy: The Mughal style

Hello dearies! This is the Mistress of Spize, cooking up a lot of salt n sour, sweet n saucy stories and observations for you. Sniff! Can you smell, my preparation? Aroma is in the air and smoke is already rising from my ‘hot’ pot.