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Brutally Basic Bollywood

Subhash K Jha is a film critic and movie expert.

Bollywood's MeToo movement has been tragically derailed by opportunists, publicity-seekers

Sussanne Khan is not wrong. There are indeed lots of pretence and false allegations in the MeToo movement that has gripped the Indian entertainment industry.

Oct 24, 2018 - 05:14 PM IST

I witnessed one Bollywood superstar molest another, she then called him 'sweet'

This happened in 2003, when I was visiting Mumbai.

Oct 9, 2018 - 04:45 PM IST

Tanushree Dutta is not the first actor Nana Patekar has rubbed the wrong way

Nana has the reputation of being temperamental.

Oct 4, 2018 - 11:12 AM IST

Nationality - Indian, Religion - Lata Mangeshkar

Ever since I turned 5 or maybe 6, I have believed God lives in THAT voice. So many, many years later, it hasn't changed. To hear Lata Mangeshkar sing is to have known God.

Oct 1, 2018 - 03:03 PM IST

As Akshay Kumar turns 51, a look at how he is a rogue turned into a reluctant hero

Akshay Kumar turned 51 on Sunday I find it hard to believe that his journey as an individual and an actor has taken him so far.

Sep 10, 2018 - 11:11 AM IST

Battle for Laxmibai: Will Kangana Ranaut succeed in becoming the Rani of Jhansi?

Will Kangana Ranaut's dream of playing the Rani of Jhansi ever materialize?

Aug 24, 2018 - 07:36 PM IST
 'Soorma' vs 'Sanju': Why do films on anti-heroes attract larger crowds?

'Soorma' vs 'Sanju': Why do films on anti-heroes attract larger crowds?

For all its flaws, Reema Kagti's "Gold" must be applauded in the loudest possible way, for bringing to the screen lives of unsung heroes involved in a sport that lacks the glamorous appeal of crick

Aug 18, 2018 - 02:39 PM IST

Atal Bihari Vajpayee loved Bollywood. Who would play him in biopic?

The two senior-most and most venerated leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani, shared a common trait: their love for the arts and cinema.

Aug 19, 2018 - 04:25 PM IST
Is Salman Khan our Tom Cruise?

Is Salman Khan our Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is 4 years older than Salman Khan, but look at the stunts he performs, Oh Maa! Look at the warmth and humility he conveys in his persona.

Aug 11, 2018 - 10:53 PM IST

Will Vishwaroopam 2 be Kamal Haasan's last film? Maybe not

I've known the enterprising Mr Kamal Haasan for 18 years now. We've faced some choppy weather in our relationship, brought on, I might add, by his unforeseen shift into a sultry withdrawal.

Aug 11, 2018 - 02:06 PM IST