Hospitalised actress Kalpana Shah pays a heartfelt tribute to Bhojpuri star Manisha Rai

Actress Kalpana Shah, who is currently admitted at a hospital, had also met with an accident recently.

Hospitalised actress Kalpana Shah pays a heartfelt tribute to Bhojpuri star Manisha Rai
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New Delhi: In a shocking turn of events, 45-year-old Bhojpuri actress Manisha Rai met with a road accident in Ballia in Uttar Pradesh and died on the spot. Her untimely demise shocked the Bhojpuri film industry and soon condolences started pouring in for the star. 

Manisha was working on a film called 'Kohbar' and was shooting for the same. Another actress named Kalpana Shah paid a heartfelt tribute to Manisha after learning about her sudden death. Kalpana, who is hospitalised and reportedly met with an accident herself wrote: 

"Manisha, you went away...leaving 'Kohbar' incomplete...One road accident ruined everything. Sanjiv Mishra ji also bid us a goodbye. I am devastated by the untimely death of these two people. Although, I too have met with an accident and am currently hospitalised and bed-ridden yet I can't stop thinking about Manisha for a second. 

Further, she added, "If I can be of any help to the makers of 'Kohbar' I am more than willing to do my best. 

Manisha, we miss you!

Check out Dhananjay Singh's Facebook post where Kalpana's heartfelt note has been shared: 

According to PTI, the Superintendent of Police S P Ganguly said the incident took place at Chhitauni village on May 18, 2018, when a car collided with a motorcycle."Manisha Rai, a Bhojpuri film, the actor died on the spot," she said.  She was on her way to a nearby shooting site with her associate Sanjiv Mishra on the motorcycle, Ganguly said. 
Mishra has also sustained injuries in the accident. 

The car driver fled from the spot after the incident and efforts are on to nab him, police said.

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