Bhopal model, held hostage by jilted lover in flat, rescued by cops

Both the model and the accused were sent to hospital.

Bhopal model, held hostage by jilted lover in flat, rescued by cops

Bhopal: The 30-year-old model, held hostage by a jilted lover in her flat, has been rescued by police.

"We have rescued the girl. Her condition is stable. She has been sent for medical treatment. The man (who held her hostage) has also been sent for medical treatment," said police as reported by ANI news agency.

The kidnapper – Rohit – took the woman hostage inside her flat on Monday, claiming to free her after she confesses her love for him.

Rohit claimed that he loves her and wants to marry her.

A few hours into bizarre hostage scenario, the cops tried to barge in. However, they were forced to back off following threats by the accused.

“He claims he loves her and wants to marry. He had asked us for a stamp paper & mobile charger. When we tried to barge in, he threatened us,” the cops added. 

“We saw the girl, she was covered in blood,” said the police. 


Cops outside the flat where the model is being held hostage (ANI photo)

According to sources, the woman had returned to Bhopal two months back from Mumbai, where she met Rohit.

The accused then frequently began calling her. When she stopped answering his calls, he reached her house on Friday morning, entered, and locked it from inside.

It is being reported that the woman's parents are also inside the house and that they have been locked in one of the rooms in the fifth-storey flat. 

Rohit even threatened to kill the woman and her family unless she admits to loving him and has claimed that he has already cut himself in several places. 

Speaking to Zee News from behind the locked door, he said that he has been harassed by police before and this compelled him to take the drastic step. "When I reached Bhopal, a police complaint was filed against me. They harassed me, tortured me which is why I took this step," said Rohit.

"If the crowd outside the door was not there, I would have come out a lot earlier."