Marriages made in heaven?

Updated: Jan 30, 2011, 12:32 PM IST

The tale of long, white, flawless gown sashaying down the aisle, in the arms of Mr. Right, seems to be the ideal genesis to a pristine new phase of life. The fantasy of perfect designer gowns, wedding cakes, a handsome groom, bridesmaids, best-man, flower girls, ring boys with a splendid décor and cheerful well-wishers set the tone for the divine moment.<br/> <br/>The lovey-dovey couple gleaming in the blessing ceremony is a sight worth beholding. The union of two souls in an eternal vow seems like a magical moment set to last forever. The pledge to be with each other through thick and thin until ‘they both shall live’ is the gist of nuptial ties.<br/> <br/>Nonetheless, the emotions and excitement of the engagement, the announcement of the D-day, the preparations, the bridal shower party and the stag night are all crucial to run-up to the festivities.<br/><br/>From preparation of the list of invitees to the arrangement of the entire celebration, the process could bring pre-wedding blues.<br/> <br/>Though a wedding planner looks after the entire affair, the urge to know and supervise all trivial things matter to the bride as well as the groom to be. The concept to make it `class apart` from other contemporaries, to make it `the talk of the town`, to sport a `flashy big rock` are all desirable to many, no matter what.<br/> <br/>Of late, the institution of marriage has become more like a barter system wherein the rich go for the elite class, and the average and middle class mingle as one.<br/> <br/>On the contrary, the haves and haves-not seem equally competent when it comes to hosting a grand party. It wouldn’t be wrong to say humans have a tendency to show off their materialistic side. The desire to flaunt and splurge comes with a perception of `once in a lifetime event`.<br/> <br/>Aside from the main essence of `becoming one body and one soul `, marriage blessings these days seem to focus more on the worldly aspects. People tend to judge the grand celebrations, impressive trousseau, scrumptious food, perfect décor, theme, reception party etc. as the prime substance behind the ceremony. <br/> <br/>But, does the solemn vow made in front of thousands remain cherished forever? Maybe not, as in most of the cases, the idea of unity and togetherness fades slowly with the flow of time. After few years, the spark goes off and the couple moves apart citing irreconcilable differences. The splitsville melee brings forth a battle for children’s custody which is highly upsetting for the kids.<br/> <br/>So the questions that arise here are:<br/> <br/>If `marriages are made in heaven` then…<br/> <br/>-Is the sanctity of sacred marriage justified/preserved? <br/> <br/>-Are the nuptial ties just a contract to live together as one accepted by the society?<br/> <br/>-Is marriage just a norm to be practiced for a short duration when the so called `love struck ` and split when differences crop up? Can the `marital bliss` for a short time be termed as `marriages made in Heaven` and later `marital discord` be assumed as God didn’t plan to have that love last eternally?<br/> <br/>-Is it worth the wealth squandered for the lavish wedding? It’s more of a burden to the family and a matter of pride and prestige in the society.<br/> <br/>-Above all, what response can be given to an innocent child who has to endure this disturbing phase?<br/> <br/>So, before jumping on to the most decisive event in one’s life, one needs to ponder over it warily and prepare mentally, emotionally, financially and above all, seek blessing from the almighty above.