Rail Budget 2015: Overview and Highlights
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Rail Budget 2015: Overview and Highlights

Last Updated: Friday, February 27, 2015, 09:05

Rail Budget 2015: Overview and Highlights

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New Delhi: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Thursday spared passengers from any hike in fares but made changes in freight rates to rake in more money while ruling out privatisation.

Presenting the first full-fledged Rail Budget of the Modi government for 2015-16, Prabhu also announced a number of new passenger-friendly initiatives like 'Operation 5-minute' so that ticketless passengers get regular tickets within five minutes of entering station.

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Other steps include making railway helpline number 138 operational 24x7, toll-free number 182 for security-related complaints and CCTVs in select trains for women safety.

SMS alert service is to be introduced to inform passengers about train arrival/departure, while wi-fi facility would be introduced at 400 railway stations.

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Rail-cum-road ticket is to be extended to many stations and more trains are proposed to be added under scheme for ordering food while booking tickets.

More general class coaches are to be added in identified trains and more air-conditioned EMU services would be introduced on Mumbai suburban section.

Tickets can now be booked 120 days ahead of travel date, instead of 60 days now, to tackle tout menace.

Projects worth Rs 96,182 crore to be undertaken to expand capacity of 9,420 km rail lines.

The Minister did not project any figures that will accrue out of the adjustment in freight rates to be effective from April 1 this year.

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He did not announce any new trains, saying on the ground that a review was on about the capacity to add more trains which will be announced after the review is over.

Following are the highlights of the Railway Budget for 2015-16 presented by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in Parliament:


* Ticket booking allowed 120 days in advance instead of 60 days

* To allow SMS as valid proof of ticket

* IRCTC to provide concierge service enabling pick and drop facility on payment

* To launch 138 as 24x7 helpline number

* To launch mobile app for complaints

* To have Braille-enabled new coaches

* To introduce e-catering in 108 trains

* To provide WiFi services at 400 railway stations

* To introduce onboard entertainment in Shatabdi trains

* Mobile phone charging to be available in general coaches

* To increase quota of lower berths for senior citizens

* Escalators and wider entrances for specially abled 

* Online booking of wheelchair to be available on IRCTC

* Propose SMS alert for arrival-departure services

* Plan project to cut unreserved ticket buying time to 5 minute

* Defence personnel won't need 'warrant' for rail travel

* To have water vending machines in most stations

* Operation 5 minute – for quick tickets 

* To introduce debit card-operated ticket machines

* To launch multi-lingual e-ticket portal

* Unreserved passengers can book tickets in 5 minutes



* Preparing action plan for rail safety

* To invest 1.27 trillion rupees 2015-19 for enhancing safety

* Toll-free number 182 for security related complaints

* To increase quota of lower berths for pregnant women

* Cameras in some trains on pilot basis for women safety

* Aim to remove all un-manned level crossings

* 5-year corporate safety plan to be ready by June

* To utilise funds from Nirbhaya Fund for women safety



* To hire professional cleaning agencies

* Ensuring higher standards of cleanliness a priority

* "Swachh Rail" to be a driving force

* To create new dept for cleaning stations, trains

* To improve quality of bed linen in 6 months

* Online booking of disposable bed rolls

* To increase number of mechanised laundries

* To introduce vacuum toilets in 6 months

* To replace 17,000 toilets with bio-toilets

* To build new toilets at 650 additional stations

* To set up waste-to-energy plants



* No hike in passenger fares

* Freight rate hikes also on 10% increase in Base Class-100

* Most freight rate changes due to revised classification

* To invest Rs 1.99 trillion over 2015-19 to decongest network

* To invest Rs 1.93 trillion for network expansion 2015-19

* Freight rate for LPG to go up by avg 0.8%

* Freight rate for kerosene to go up by avg 0.8%

* Elevated corridors part of Rs 650 billion investment 2015-19

* Freight rate for groundnut oil to go up by avg 2.1%

* Freight rate for diesel to go down by avg 1%

* To invest Rs 650 billion 2015-19 for high speed trains

* Freight rate for domestic iron ore to go up by avg 0.8%

* Limestone, manganese ore freight rate to go dn by avg 0.3%

* Must substantially regain freight mkt share

* Freight carrying capacity to be raised to 1.5 billion tn

* Must make freight transport reliable, comfortable

* Four freight corridors will be completed this year

* Must expand freight handling capacity

* To partner with PSUs to build capacity for freight movement

* To give 750 km civil contract for dedicated freight corridor

* Freight rate for over 1,500 km distance "rationalised"

* To launch pan-India automatic freight rebate scheme

* To maximise loading in freight train to up to 22.82 tn

* Propose to start automatic freight rebate scheme across India

* Freight rate for urea to go up by average 10%

* Freight rate for grains, pulses to go up by average 10%

* Freight rate for iron, steel to go up by average 0.8%

* Freight rate for coal to go up by average 6.3%

* Freight rate for cement to go up by average 2.7%

* Freight rate for cement to go up by 2.7%

* Freight structure for Base Class-100 hiked by 10%



* Emphasis on gauge conversion over next 5 years

* To Increase speed of fast trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi

* To up track length by 20% to 138,000 km in next 5 years

* 1,219 sections on high density network

* Plan to run 1st set of high speed special trains in 2 years

* To introduce high speed trains along lines of bullet trains

* Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train study at advanced stage

* Feasibility study for Delhi-Mumbai corridor in advanced stage

* Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train report by mid this year

* To take up Mumbai Urban Transport Plan-III for suburban rail



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* Aim 30 million daily passenger-carrying capacity in next 5 yrs

* Hand-held terminal to be given to ticketing personnel

* Focus on doubling, tripling existing high-density network

* To up capacity in high density network a priority next 5 yrs

* To introduce air-conditioned coaches in Mumbai suburban network

* More general class coaches to be introduced

* More berths in coaches to be introduced

* 200 more stations to be upgraded to model stations

* To focus on superior coach design

* Capacity augmentation has suffered over the years

* Railway facilities have not improved in last few decades

* WiFi in all A1, B category stations

* 492 sections on high density network working at over 100% capacity

* Plan steps to systematically address customer grievances

* To review wagon leasing plan over next 3 months

* To develop air cargo sector

* Setting up perishable cargo centre at Azadpur mandi

* To mull new wagon design for higher capacity, fuel efficiency

* Intend to address issues in private freight terminal scheme

* To fast-track highest priority works

* Need to accelerate railway electrification

* 10 satellite terminals to be taken up FY16

* Coal, steel, cement need new lines for transportation

* To revamp station redevelopment policy completely

* To invite bids for station revamp

* Will partner with privatize sector to modernise stations' infra

* Sustained, measurable improvement in travel experience a goal

* Centrally-managed display to be set up in 2,000 stations

* Working on system to use SMS as valid proof for ID

* Putting in place integrated customer portal

* Propose satellite terminals to decongest major city stations

* Want local culture to be reflected at stations

* To have 26 coaches in place of 24 in select trains

* Plan infra fund for raising long-term debt

* Digitised mapping of land records started

* To work with states to create infra



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* Investment in railways to create more jobs

* Under-investment has led to reduced efficiencies

* Rs 1.20-billion- provided for lifts, elevators at stations

* Cycle of poor investment in railways must end

* Railway envisages 8.5 trln rupee investment in 5 yrs

* States can raise finance through SPVs

* Railway investment to need multiple sources of funding

* To partner with multilateral agencies for accessing funds

* To monetise assets rather than sell them

* To tap insurance, PFs, global agencies for long-term funds

* Some projects can be equity driven in partnership with states

* To set up financing cell in Rail Board

* Funding for projects may be equity driven

* Can generate resources via mkt borrowing

* To invest total 8.56 trln rupees over 2015-19

* To invest Rs 132 billion over 2015-19 for other projects

* To invest Rs 125 billion over 2015-19 for passenger amenities

* Rs 390-billion- invest 2015-19 for J&K, north-east connectivity

* To invest Rs 1.02 trillion 2015-19 for rolling stock


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* Aim to make Railways financially self-sustainable

* FY16 plan outlay Rs 1 trillion

* FY16 total expenditure seen Rs 1.63 trillion

* Plan 750 km of civil contracts for Dedicated Freight Corridor

* Rail electrification to be done on 6,608 km in FY16

* Sanctioned 77 projects of 9,400 km for raising track capacity

* Allotted Rs 86.86- billion for gauge conversion

* Target 800 km of gauge conversion in FY16

* Allotment for passenger amenities increased by 67%

* To mobilise Rs 20 billion investment for coastal connectivity

* Railway FY16 operating ratio seen 88.5%

* FY16 internal revenue generation seen up 17.8% on yr

* FY16 gross budgetary support up 41.6% on yr

* FY16 net revenue seen Rs 250.76 billion

* FY16 goods earnings target Rs 1.21 trillion

* FY16 passenger earnings target Rs 501.75 billion

* FY16 plan outlay from internal resources Rs 177.93 billion

* FY16 freight target Rs 1.186 billion

* FY16 gross budgetary support seen Rs 400 billion

* FY16 appropriation to pension fund Rs 349 billion

* FY16 surplus seen Rs 143 billion

* FY16 dividend seen Rs 108 billion

* FY16 total expenditure seen Rs 1.63 billion

* FY16 total receipts seen Rs 1.89 trillion

* FY16 ordinary working expenses Rs 1.19 trillion

* FY16 gross traffic receipt Rs 1.84 trillion

* Railways' FY16 market borrowing pegged Rs 173 trillion

* FY16 invest on wagons seen Rs 45 billion rupees vs Rs 24 billion year ago

* Aim Rs 62 million tn food grain freight FY16 vs 57.3 mln yr ago

* Aim 120.5 mln tn cement freight FY16 vs 113.2 million tn yr ago

* Aim 125 million tn iron ore freight FY16 vs 116 million tn yr ago

* Aim 585 million tn coal freight in FY16 vs 543 million tn yr ago

* FY16 invest on locomotives seen Rs 85 billion, unch on yr

* FY16 rolling stock spend seen Rs 193 billion vs 174 billion FY15

* FY16 institutional finance seen Rs 171.36 billion

* FY16 invest via PPP seen Rs 57.81 billion

* FY16 freight earning target Rs 1.21 trillion

* Rail Vikas Nigam FY16 mkt borrowing pegged Rs 3.79 billion

* Share of diesel cess from road fund Rs 16.46 billion FY16

* IRFC FY16 mkt borrowing pegged Rs 172.76 billion

* Sanction Rs 65.8 billion to remove 3,438 level crossings FY16

* FY16 total mkt borrow pegged Rs 176.55 billion

* Plan to buy 16,800 wagons FY16 vs 10,000 yr ago

* Plan to buy 3,390 coaches in FY16 vs 3,359 yr ago

* Plan to buy 261 electric locomotives FY16 vs 250 yr ago

* Plan to buy 375 diesel locomotives FY16 vs 397 yr ago

* Aim gauge conversion of 500 route km FY16 vs 450 yr ago

* To construct 300 route km new lines FY16 vs 300 route km FY15

* To electrify 1,600 route km FY16 vs 1,350 route km yr ago



* Revised FY15 ordinary working expense by Rs 36.79 billion

* Revised FY15 targeted operating ratio to 91.8% from 92.5%

* Revised FY15 pension fund appropriation to Rs 295.4 billion

* FY15 operating ratio 91.8%

* FY15 passenger earnings estimate revised to 17.7% from 22.2%

* FY15 plan size revised to Rs 657.98 billion from 654.45 billion

* FY15 surplus at Rs 72.8 billion

* FY15 freight loading revised target 1.101 billion tn



* Working on high-speed rail in Diamond Quadrilateral

* Studies to be undertaken for Golden Quadrilateral rail line

* Speed of 9 railway corridors to be hiked

* Aim to make Delhi-Kolkata, Delhi-Mumbai journey overnight

* Average speed of freight trains to be enhanced

* Inter-metro train speeds to be enhanced

* Rs 1-trillion invest 2015-19 in station revamp, logistic parks

* To invest Rs 50 billion over 2015-19 for IT, research

* To set up railway research centres in four universities

* Plan tie-up with multilateral, bilateral bodies for overseas tech

* To digitally integrate vendors along Digital India plan

* To explore mechanised track maintenance

* Formed rail, science, HRD min consortium for tech upgrade

* To introduce bar-coded freight tracking

* To set up tech portal for innovative solutions

* E-procurement to be extended to all departments

* To mobilise Rs 20 billion investment for costal connectivity

* To have ERP-based HR system



* Budget part of trilogy of vision to improve railways

* Plan Vision 2030 document later this year

* Railway Budget proposals be seen as part of 5-year plan

* Improvement of connectivity an imperative

* Working on feasible views of over 20,000 in social media

* Legacy of past decades to take some time to neutralise

* Railways has to transform in next five years

* To set standards for governance, transparency

* Need to make changes to speed up operational efficiency

* Need tighter control on costs

* Pension funds have shown interest in investing in railways

* Need to revamp management practices

* To partner with PSUs to transport coal, iron, cement

* Railways to partner private sector for last mile connectivity

* Committed to faster railway connectivity in J&K

* Invite state govts, municipal bodies to partner with us

* Invite states, local bodies for station development

* Need to expand network capacity

* To create divisional committees chaired by MPs

* To improve project selection, appraisal mechanism

* To modify present accounting system

* Propose working group to track expenditure

* To launch EPC system for rail projects contracts

* Plan system audit over next 2 months

* Freight rules to be simplified

* To set up Transport Logistic Corp of India to handle freight

* To set up JV with PSUs for new lines

* To launch foreign rail tech plan to achieve better quality

* JVs with states for land acquisition, project implementation

* To launch foreign railway technology co-operation scheme

* To set up JV with states for land acquisition

* To upgrade 10 goods sheds

* To revamp existing PPP cell to make it more result-oriented

* Loading density to be raised on all routes to 22.82 tn

* To have train anti-collision system on select routes

* Commodity-specific carriers planned

* Sanctioned Rs 65.81 billion for over, under-bridges next FY

* Radio-based signal design project to be taken up

* To conduct study on spare capacity usage

* Commissioning of rail factories to be reviewed

* Electrification included in Rs 1.93-trillion invest in 2015-19

* Net reduction in FY16 gross traffic receipt Rs 9.17 billion

* IRCTC working on special travel scheme Kisan Yatra

* To give coaches on revenue share basis for select tour spots

* Review of new train svcs on, to be announced soon

* To give coaches on revenue share basis to travel agencies

* To offer some coaches to travel agents on revenue share basis

* Konkan Railway aims to create 50,000 jobs

* 1,000 MW solar plant to be set up on railway land

* Plan to launch 100 more CNG-based DEMU in northern railway

* LNG-based locomotives under development

* To set up recycling plants at major water consumption centres

* Energy audit being worked out for energy saving

* To launch mission for water harvesting

* To enhance sourcing of solar power

* Will save Rs 30 billion via new power procurement plan

* To save Rs 30 billion from open power sourcing in few yrs

* Coastal connectivity project invest seen Rs 20 billion

* To procure power via open bidding process

* Detailed energy audit being worked out

* To procure power via open bidding process

* To start repair work on staff quarters, RPF barracks

* To set up full-fledged railway university FY16

* Revamping scrap disposal to earn more from them

* Plan rail connectivity to Dighi, Rewas ports

* To launch Rs 25 billion BOT annuity projects

* Plan coastal connectivity project in partnership with ports

* Drawing up comprehensive policy for advertising potential

* Plan JVs of IRFC with NBFCs, PSUs for long-term financing

* To set up infra fund, JV with IRFC for long-term funding

* To partner with pvt cos to modernise station infrastructure

* To partner with pvt cos to expand fleet of rolling stock

* Aim to further decentralise, deregulate decision making

* Delegated store, work tender decisions to general managers


First Published: Thursday, February 26, 2015, 05:45

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