India vs England

Live Summary, 3rd Test, Anthony De Mello Trophy, 2021, February 24, 2021
IND 49/0 (7.4) , 145/10 (53.2)
India beat England by 10 wickets
ENG 81/10 (30.4) , 112/10 (48.4)
CRR: 2.3
Commentary :
7.4 : India was absolutely ballistic with the ball in the second session. The spin duo of Ashwin and Axar bowled 30 overs in tandem. The pair shared 9 wickets between them with Axar grabbing 5-fer and finishing the Test with 11-wickets and becoming the first bowler to pick 11 wickets in a Pink Ball Test. Ashwin's 4-fer in the second innings saw him become the 2nd fastest player to get 400 wickets in Test cricket. England never got going with the bat and were bowled out for their lowest total against I
That is it from this game! The Pink Ball Test has not lasted long as India has decimated England and now they need to just avoid defeat in the next game to see themselves play in the final of the World Test Championship against New Zealand at Lord's. England is out of contention for that and has a lot of work to do if they are to level the Test series. The fourth and final Test of the series will begin on Thursday, 4th March 2021. That game will be a red ball Test and will begin at 0930 local (0
The local lad, AXAR PATEL HAS BEEN NAMED AS THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH. He starts by saying that when things work out, it all looks easy and he just thinks about putting in the work and he just tries to keep things simple. Feels that he is happy that he is contributing with the ball for the team. On his strength, he says that he bowls wicket-to-wicket and makes things tough for the batters and he aims to not let the batters score a lot of runs. On being called Wasim Bhai by Pant, he says that Pant
The Indian captain, Virat Kohli, says that the result went their way but admits the quality of batting was not up to the standard by both teams. Tells they were looking to score more when they were at 100/3. Feels that the application from the batters was not right as he feels the pitch was better to bat on. Kohli says it was bizarre that 21 out of 30 wickets were off straight balls. Kohli feels the batters need to trust their defense a lot more and feels that is what Test cricket is all about.
The losing skipper, Joe Root, starts off by saying that they were in a good position but they could not capitalize and it is something that they will look back on and try to learn and get better. Adds that they will come back stronger. Says that the plastic coating on the ball gathers off the wicket and if you put the ball on good areas, then you can make the ball talk. Further tells that they do not define themselves on this performance. Opines that they do not want to take the baggage across t
What a day of Test match cricket! If anyone would have told that this game would end in two days, we are pretty sure everyone would have been laughing at that person but that is what has happened! The hype of the Pink Ball Test was longer than the actual Test as England threw away this Test and are out of contention to play the inaugural World Test Championship final against New Zealand at the Lord's! Emphatic win for India and from 1-0 down, they lead the series 2-1!
England started the day with a bang! They managed to restrict India to under 150 and restrict the lead to just 33, with skipper Joe Root finishing with 5/8 while Leach scalped 4/54. It looked like England had a chance to do something but that was just a false one. A memorable day at the brand new stadium here in Ahmedabad for India. They have outplayed, outclassed, and decimated the tourists.
The man of the moment, Ravichandran Ashwin, who has reached the feat of snaring 400 Test wickets is here for a chat! He says that it feels amazing and it is pleasant that it is happening in a winning cause and praises Axar for his performance too. Laughs and says that he is not able to get a grip about how these last 2-3 months have gone by and it all feels too dreamy. Adds that his effort in the lockdown has paid off. Says that he had a chat along with Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli before the Au
So just a quick summary of the Test. England won the toss which was talk of the tinsel town and decided to bowl. That decision did not do much as they were bowled out for 112 with Axar picking up a 5-fer. It looked like they had no chance but they managed to bowl out India for 145 and had a sniff but that did not last long as they had never got going in their second innings and were embarrassingly bowled out for 8. India chased down the score of 49 without sweating. 
No matter how tough the wicket would be to bat on, defending 49 against India was always going to be next to impossible. The tourists tried their best were never in with a chance and a day that started with hope and dreams has ended in what one would call a proper beating and nightmare. 
Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, SIX! THAT'S THAT! Rohit Sharma listens to the crowd and finishes the game off with a maximum! Root goes fuller, flighted, around middle and off, Sharma skips down the track and bangs this one over deep mid-wicket. INDIA WIN BY 10 WICKETS AND ALSO LEAD 2-1 IN THE SERIES! 
7.3 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Full, yorker length, on middle, Rohit digs this one out. The crowds want Rohit Sharma to finish things off with a biggie! 
7.14 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, MISFIELD AND FOUR! Crawley is the culprit this time. Full, flighted, around off, Sharma gets on his knees and slogs this one towards the deep mid-wicket region. Zak runs to his left, tumbles and lets the ball through. 10 runs needed now.
7.24 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, FOUR! This was slammed away by Rohit! Root drags his length back and bowls a short one outside off, Sharma hammers this one through the covers for a boundary. 6 more needed now! 
6.6 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Full, tossed up, on middle, punched to the cover region.
6.4 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Presses forward to this full ball. Defends it out solidly, does Shubman Gill! 
6.5 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Shortish and on middle, nudged to the leg side now.
6.2 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Short, around off, keeps slightly low too and pushes it to point.
6.3 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Around off, flatter, pushed to point again.
6.1 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, On off, blocked.
5.6 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Loopy on middle, whipped through square leg for one. Gill retains the strike for the next over. 14 more needed for the Indians.
5.5 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Full, yorker length, on middle and leg, dug out by Rohit to the on side for a single.
5.4 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Comes down the track and clips this one through mid on for a single by Gill. 
5.3 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, NOT OUT! The review was more in hope, than anything else from Root. Full, flighted, on middle and leg, Gill comes down the track and looks to pad this one away and does so. The players appeal but the umpire does not think so. Root goes for the review as he tries his luck. No shot offered and hence, no Ultra Edge is needed. Ball Tracker shows that the wickets would be missing. Not out, it will be.
5.2 : England have taken a review against Gill for LBW! 
Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Flat again, outside off, slapped away but straight o Archer at point.
5.1 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Short, on off, kept out. 
4.6 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Full, loopy, on middle and leg, Sharma prods ahead and looks to block but seems to have missed it. Gets hit on the pad and the English players register a tame appeal but nothing from the umpire.
4.5 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Flat, on off, pushed away to point.
4.4 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Well fielded by Jimmy this time. Shortish and outside off, Rohit goes back and slaps this one through point. Anderson does well to shuffle to his right and stop the ball.
4.34 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, FOUR! This time Rohit goes for the boundary. Uses his feet well too. Loopy and around off, Sharma dances down and powers this through mid on for a boundary.
4.2 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Flighted on middle, Rohit presses forward and defends it out. 
4.1 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Short, around off, punched to covers.
3.2 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Shortish on middle again, Rohit goes back and fends this one to the on side.
3.66 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, SIX! Plays this shot so well. Gill wants to hurry back, by the looks of things. Full, tossed up, around off, Gill puts on his dancing shoes and skips down the track. Slams this one over long on for a biggie. 21 more needed.
3.5 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, FOUR BYES. Just not England's game. Nothing going their way now. You can't blame Foakes for this one. Flighted, but down the leg side, spinning away as well and Foakes is not able to grab this one. The ball races away to the fine leg fence.
3.4 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Leg bye. Tossed up again, on leg too, Rohit looks to tuck it away but misses and the ball takes the pad and goes to the right of short fine leg. The batters take a leg bye.
3.3 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Tossed up and on leg, Rohit pads this one away to the leg side.
0.0 : Root to continue from the other end.
3.1 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Short and on middle, kept out by Rohit.
2.6 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Darted on the middle pole, kept out by Shubman. 6 runs off this over. India need just 32 more runs now! 
2.5 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Short, wide, slashed away to the point fielder. 
2.4 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, EDGY! Flighted around off, turns away as Gill looks to block it out. Takes the outside edge, goes past Ben at first slip, towards third man for a brace.
2.3 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Gives it nice flight, outside off, spinning away and Gill makes a calculated leave.
2.2 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, Floated around off, pushed to the fielder at covers.
2.14 : Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, FOUR! A great stroke to get the last session underway. First boundary in this inning for young Gill. Flat, around off, Gill swivels and pulls this one nicely through mid-wicket.
1.6 : We are back for the third session on Day 2, which also looks like it will be the final session of the Test. The Indian batters, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill make their way out into the middle. 38 more needed for them to take a well deserved lead of 2-1 in this series. Jack Leach to bowl for the visitors. 
Excellent session for India! They managed to bowl out England first and then have also survived the two overs without losing any wicket. They are well on course to win this game. They need just 38 more runs to take an unassailable 2-1 lead in this 4-match Test series. England have been terrible in this session. Getting bowled out for 81 after doing so well in the first session will hurt the hosts a lot. This looks like a lost cause now but the tourists need to show some fight and make these 38 r
Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Shorter on the pads, Sharma defends it to see off the session. DINNER ON DAY 2!
1.5 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, FOUR BYES! Flighted down the leg side, Rohit looks to flick but misses. Foakes misses it as well and the ball goes to the fence. 
1.4 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Short around off, Rohit taps it to point. 
1.3 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Gill is off the mark! Short on off and middle. Gill tucks it to mid-wicket for a run. 
1.2 : Joe Root to Shubman Gill, Flighted on leg, Gill comes down the track and pads it away.
1.1 : Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, Root starts with a short around off and middle. Rohit tucks it behind square leg for a single. 
0.5 : Will we see Joe Root from the other end? Yes, we will! 
0.6 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Excellent from Archer! A rare full toss on middle, Rohit whips it through mid-wicket. Archer gives it a chase and it looks like the ball will easily beat him to the fence. Archer though sprints and then puts the dive to save a run for his side.
0.5 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Short on the pads, Rohit gets on his back foot and looks to defend but misses and gets hit on the pad. 
0.4 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Misfield and India will get off the mark! Floated on off, Rohit drives it to point. Anderson lets the ball go through him and he gets a couple to get off the mark. 
0.3 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Tossed up on off and turning away. Rohit looks to get bat on ball for the first time in this innings and he misses it.
0.2 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Tossed up delivery around off, Sharma once again it happy to let that go. 
0.1 : Jack Leach to Rohit Sharma, Floated delivery around off, it spins away from Rohit. Sharma leaves it.