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Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today - April 1, 2018

As you begin a new journey, know what the horoscope has in store for you

Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today - April 1, 2018

New Delhi: Every day brings new challenges and surprises. So as you begin a new journey, know what the horoscope has in store for you. We all know, there are twelve zodiac signs and each has its distinct feature. Be it, Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer, Leo Virgo, or Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and last but not the least Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces - each of the signs have something unique to tell.

Business and financial announcements are accented early this week: watch for work officials or long-term business partners to request detailed reports, new money strategies or elaborate promises. Although solutions or proposals may now be complicated, all will work in your favour. Emotional messages are also surprising. Key emotions are now shifting: expect long-term relationships to now begin an intense phase of social and home negotiations. All of this looks healthy and progressive: don't let small or meaningless details be distracting.

Home and romantic plans may be openly discussed over the next few days. Key areas of concern are older family members, traditional responsibilities or long-term marriage plans. In this week you have to thoroughly study legal issues or proposals: business and financial change may soon be necessary. Work officials and business partners may this week wish to completely redefine roles in the workplace, daily promises or written agreements. React quickly: your confidence and ongoing suggestions will now bring closure to long bothersome workplace misunderstandings. An important week: stay alert to new social and business rules.

Group events and romantic proposals may be complex and demanding early this week: watch for friends, colleagues and loved ones to strongly disagree concerning planned schedules, daily obligations or new social changes. Long denied issues of emotional ownership and social loyalty may be openly debated and decided: use this time to reverse outdated promises or release yesterday's restrictions in key relationships. Financial barriers are lifted: watch for joint ventures, long-term purchases or shared money agreements to now be available. Close friends and relatives may also offer controversial suggestions.

 Remain calm: before ongoing power struggles in both social and romantic relationships will be resolved. Avoid agreeing to unrealistic home goals or social obligations and all will be well. You will also face newly arriving workplace rules and regulations authority figures may now attempt to take control of independent projects or issue controversial new instructions. An emotional competition between new and old employees may be a strong influence this week. You will expect long silent managers or key officials to publicly reclaim their role as leader. Play the diplomat: emotions will be high.

 Complicated business or travel plans will take on a fairly dramatic tone this week. For the next few days expect authority figures or work partners to present unusual ideas. Creative solutions, short-term trips or a significant shift in daily routines may be a strong influence. This week will define previously vague business relations: expect officials to test your stamina and attitude. Respond with cheerful optimism but refuse to adopt a dormant role.

Social discussions and short-term dealings with friends may become emotional over the next few days: expect others to passionately defend their opinions. At present loved ones will search out emotional validation for their romantic or family ideas. Keys issues may involve traditional roles in relationships or past events. Observe carefully and reserve judgment: over the next few weeks relationships will change dramatically. Also, this week will highlight quick family changes or newly revised home plans. Social gatherings within the home will now become easily complicated by old emotional issues or past misunderstandings.

 Romantic communications will deepen over the next few days. Watch for loved ones to now actively participate in family events or openly discuss new commitments. You may also experience a powerful new level of intimacy and romantic passion. Both new and established relationships will are highly favoured. You will also head for a surprising financial request from a close friend or loved one. Short term loans, property agreements or signed documents may all be accepted. Ask for detailed explanations and written promises and payment schedules between friends may become unexpectedly controversial.

 Past employment disagreements will now fade. Over the next some time you will expect previous ego competitions in working relationships to no longer be a drain. You may also experience a sudden increase in business tasks and work assignments before the end of this week. If so, renewed feelings of belonging or acceptance in the workplace will be a strong asset: refuse to simply rely on old emotional patterns in key business relationships.

 Social invitations or group discussions may be complex early this week: expect friends and lovers to now publicly react to previously withheld feelings. Aspects indicate that subtle emotional competitions have been in operation over. Now, and continuing over the next some weeks, social differences will be publicly addressed. Much of this looks quite entertaining, so not to worry. Pace yourself and expect a few dramatic moments from close friends and loved ones. Past colleagues may have recently committed irreversible errors: expect the repercussions to be felt in business relationships

 Delays have ended in work, health and machinery zones - you can proceed luckily, quickly with these for the weeks ahead, but let them be your secondary consideration. More important, now to late July, are relationships, opportunities, fresh new horizons, and possible relocation. Others will hold the essential power, but they will also be affectionate, generous, so be diplomatic, a "true partner." Obviously or subtly, even subconsciously, you lately began redoing your life entirely, from the soul outward. Think of this when making agreements, choosing prospects and horizons.

For the next few days, social relationships will be unpredictable. Watch for both friends and loved ones to reverse opinions, change plans or quickly deny their role in past social events. All of this disjointed information will pass without incidence, so not to worry. For the time being, however, expect others to appear less emotionally dedicated than usual: at present, friends and loved ones may be easily confused or vulnerable to suggestion. You may soon encounter a demanding romantic triangle. Remain cautious: romantic emotions will be extremely changeable.

Delays and indecision have ended, especially in domestic, property, security, relationship, marriage, relocation and contractual zones. Pursue these areas in the next few weeks, but only to wrap up minor things. Your main focus for the next four weeks will be on an adventure, romance, creativity, speculation, children's development, beauty and pleasure. You'll win; you'll touch happiness! And you'll attract someone, Monday-Wednesday! Partnership strains of the past could reappear now through November, but more to "complete a struggle" than to begin new wars. Ambition's wand touches you for six months.