Sagittarius horoscope and predictions for 2019: Here's what the new year has in store for you

2019 predictions for Sagittarius: Keep your spouse/partner happy and you will be in for surprise.

Sagittarius horoscope and predictions for 2019: Here's what the new year has in store for you

Sagittarius: The 2019 horoscope for Sagittarius predicts that people will be successful who follow the footsteps of Lord Krishna and emulate his way of handling situations, relationship and challenges. Your spouse will be moody and can create problems but if you can create right message and bring them into your confidence you will see the best support from your spouse.

Likewise, your business partner if you can paint the right business strategy and show your sincerity you will see a lot of thrust and investment coming from your business partners to take you to

explosive growth. If you play your cards bad, then you are in time for maiming your energy in firefighting problems and waste your golden opportunity to succeed.

People born in this sign will be under the influence of Sade Sati (Saturn impacting its full 7/12 years). This is generally seen as an inconvenient time and people are generally worried and concerned with many getting conned by many quake naysayers. However, ignore and work towards growth and you can see good results. However, if you chose to lie low, it is also good if you don’t indulge or trouble your spouse and business partners. You better stay grounded if you lack diplomacy skills.

Those who plan to get married may find a suitable partner and the marriage will last long or has all the qualities of finding a fruitful and long-lasting partner. So, if you want to become Lord Krishna and become achieve good success or play spoiler and enjoy creating troubles for yourself depends on you. To understand further you can always consult for specifics.

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