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Odd-even rule: Travel free on DTC and cluster buses, says Delhi Transport Minister

Kailash Gehlot says the move is to encourage people to use buses during the Odd-Even rule in Delhi between November 13 and November 17.

Odd-even rule: Travel free on DTC and cluster buses, says Delhi Transport Minister
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New Delhi: In a move to reduce some of the burden commuters may face when Odd-Even road management comes into effect from next Monday, Delhi Transport Minister said on Friday that travel on DTC and cluster buses will be free for all during that particular period.

Odd-Even rule will be in force across Delhi from 8am to 8pm daily between Monday (November 13) and Friday (November 17). While the list of vehicles exempted is the same as was in the last two editions of the rule, the public at large may once again face difficulties commuting in the city. Not charging for tickets in DTC and cluster buses may encourage commuters to opt for this mode of transportation and ease financial burden.



The Delhi government is also looking to add 500 additional buses to the existing fleet of around 4,000 DTC buses. There are also 1,600 cluster buses in service. Critics though predict it may not be even close to enough.

According to the official data, DTC buses carry around 35 lakh passengers every day. Since the AAP came to power, the DTC has not been able to purchase any new bus.

The story of private vehicles though is absolutely opposite. 

The number of registered vehicles in the national capital has crossed the 1 crore mark and of this, 31,72,842 are cars registered in the city. According to some estimates, about 13 lakh cars will go off the roads every day during the operation of the odd-even scheme which is likely to add a massive burden on public transportation systems like buses, three-wheelers, cabs and Delhi Metro. However, the Odd-Even rule - once again - is being projected as a measure necessary to combat high pollution levels in the city.