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Looking For a Career in Fashion But Not as a Fashion Designer? Check Out These 8 Popular Career Options

Here's a list of 8 unique career options in fashion that you can pursue.
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If you are someone who is artistic, has a keen interest in the fashion industry, has an eye for patterns, colors, and design and want to make your mark here but not as a fashion designer, then don’t worry! There are a myriad of career options in this industry that you can choose from based on where your interest lies in. Although some people believe that growth in the field of fashion is slightly slower than average, there are thousands of new jobs created every year in this field, with an expected growth rate of nearly 20 percent.

Fashion industry is replete with glamorous and fancy job opportunities that will aid you with skills necessary to work creatively, on your own, and within teams. Fashion being the creatively unique and inviting fraternity does not only welcome fashion designers, but a cluster of varied and dynamic professionals too.

Here’s a list of 8 unique career options in Fashion

  • Accessory Design

An outfit however beautiful maybe becomes glamorous and fancy only when paired with right accessories. Accessory design is one of the in-demand options in today’s time that opens up numerous doors for you in terms of your career. You can opt for a four-year programme that provides a large canvas sense of decoration and self-expression, where students are encouraged to become free thinkers, and fearlessly creative individuals.

  • Fashion Business

This full-time course is a strategic and market oriented mixture of the primary perspectives in fashion business; covering strategy, budgeting, finance, product development, fashion marketing, branding, retail operations management and global distribution channels. This course is all about managing brands, companies and businesses engaged in Fashion industry. Consider your future career goals when deciding what kind of course in fashion you might want to pursue.

  • Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication trains students in communicating fashion through various media formats such as journalism (print, electronic and new media), events and promotions (public relations and advertising) to different set of audiences. This course dynamically responds to demands from the industry and helps students improvise their skillsets in digital media for fashion and lifestyle.

  • Fashion Management

Such courses can build your knowledge about product development, product planning, procurement, negotiations, industrial operations etc. and level up their game in the Fashion industry. This will also help students apply for senior managerial roles as well as become fashion specialists in the industry.

  • Fashion Journalists/ Fashion Photographer

Fashion Journalism is all about the glitz and glam side of the journalism profession. Fashion journalists essentially serve the same purpose as other journalists, but their forte lies in fashion trends and events. A fashion photographer takes pictures of the latest clothes, accessories, hairstyles and make-up. They work closely with designers and fashion houses to ensure they are portraying the desired image for the brand.

  • Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultants are creative  individuals who offer expert advice and make recommendations to people or companies about how to expand and develop a wardrobe that promotes their social and public image.

  • Fashion Makeup artists

These professionals understand the technicalities of being a professional make-up artist. Being a make-up artist can be a rewarding, fulfilling profession with truly endless possibilities. Fashion makeup artists can make a flourishing career for Makeups for shows, models, celebrities, etc.

  • Fashion merchandiser

Such professionals work closely with buyers to ensure the right amount of stock is sent to the right stores at the right time.

Where can you pursue these courses from?

Institutes like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi and Pearl Academy come to mind when it comes to best fashion education in the country. These are the two leaders in the fashion education industry as they not only train you for the industrial exposure but also give you the boost you require to become a successful fashion enthusiast.


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