Alyssa Milano content with life

Los Angeles: Actress Alyssa Milano says she is currently content with her life.

The 40-year-old gave birth to son Milo, her first child with husband David Bugliari, in 2011.

"I’m just content in this part of my life. I have no reason to not be happy. Things are good," quoted Milano as saying.

"I love being Milo`s mom. I’ve strived to try to find some sort of balance between motherhood and work, and I think now I’m on the right track with that, which is great. It’s hard not to be happy when I feel fulfilled," she added.

Milano’s two-year-old son is "into everything right now," she said, and added: "There’s always something new. I got him a drum set for his second birthday. He’s been drumming away, which has been really fun to watch. I’m just encouraging everything."

She is loving watching her little one grow up.

"He’s just getting big, which is kind of the craziest part about being a mother - how truly fast it goes. It feels evil how fast it goes. You just want them to be little and cuddly," Milano added.


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