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Food Cloud opens avenues for new chefs across NCR

New ideas for entrepreneurship are a rising trend. And using the internet to serve great food to connosiours is indeed a novel idea. To explore one such venture which has now turned to a full fledged business, Zee Media Bureau spoke to Vedant Kanoi, the brain behind Food Cloud.

Food is a gourmet meal right on your dinner table. The concept came fro partner, Shamit Khemka, owner of SynapseIndia who felt that there was a need for people to be better connected to home chefs. He wanted to create a platform that allowed everyone to have a variety of authentic culinary experiences within the comfort of their own homes and to give home chefs a chance to shine. We have been working on FoodCloud for the last year.

The website is dedicated to providing food lovers with exciting and varied food experiences! It gives foodies the option to partake in delicious home cooked treats created by local chefs in your locality. It connects food lovers with chefs that are unique, fresh and new! These chefs cook from their home kitchens, offering delicacies cooked with love and suited to customers’ needs and tastes; an experience which is quite unlike that of commercial restaurants.

Currently functioning in Delhi and NCR region, the menu includes regional Indian cuisines like Rajasthani / Marwari, Goan and Kashmiri to international favourites like Italian, Thai, Mexican and Lebanese.

To be a FoodCloud chef, the most important criteria is an immense passion for cooking. We don’t care if you’re professionally trained or self taught. We care that you love to cook and feed. And of course, it helps if you’re highly recommended. About 15 chefs have joined the FoodCloud community so far and we’re in the process of signing on 4 to 5 more. The result is that we have a variety of cuisines to offer, ranging from Italian and Oriental to Continental specialities like Austrian; various regional Indian cuisines including favourites like Mughalai and South Indian to exotic options like Goan and Kashmiri; as well as our very popular cakes, cupcakes and other desserts.

Vedant said, “My advice to aspiring chefs is simple: Be passionate and be innovative! The career path for a chef is no longer as limited as it used to be.”

On being asked, what the most popular product in his menu was, he added, “While all the cuisines on our menu gather similar attention, we have noticed some partiality towards Spinach Feta Strudels and Cupcakes. “

A venture like this gives opportunities to urban upper and middle class India to savour the different cuisines and opens doors for food experiences.