Japan’s ‘Lolita’ trend is a rage in Brisbane!

Sydney: Brisbane is experiencing a new fashion trend these days, which has taken the city by storm - Japan’s ‘Lolita’ fashion movement is gaining popularity amongst young girls in the Australian capital.

The frilly outfits, giant bows and bloomers are part of an underground fashion movement called ‘Lolita’, which started on the streets of Japan during the 1970s.

However, it didn’t make an impact in the Australian city until recent times but with the help of Internet and growing interest in Japanese pop culture, it seems the ‘Lolita’ is here to stay.

Lolita Caitlin Maskell, 23, said some people had difficulty finding beauty in a fashion movement that was not designed to promote sexiness.

“Unlike many people, I don’t think that if you’re female, the only way to go about looking good involves showing skin, as though it’s some sort of obligation. Lolita has its own standards of being pretty, cute, or elegant that can involve being covered from elbow to ankle, if that’s what you want,” a news daily quoted Maskell as saying.

“I was drawn to Japanese gothic fashion by its twists on Western goth. It’s a bonus that it has a lot of beautiful clothes that don’t involve being revealing,” she added.

‘Lolita’ put hours into applying make-up, doing up their hair in elaborate barrel curls, and layering outfits.

For Stephanie Wawryk, a 21-year-old animation student, it was more than just weekend dress-ups.

“I wear Lolita on a daily basis, so putting together a [coordinated outfit] is dependent on what I’m doing for the day. Before I was into Lolita, I didn’t really care much for my appearance, and I guess that’s one way that it’s changed me,” she said.

Most ‘Lolitas’ import their extravagant clothing, with many Japanese web shops now catering to foreigners.