JFK Twitter account chronicles president`s life

Spicezee Bureau

Los Angeles: In a rare attempt to chronicle the former US president John F Kennedy`s 1,000 days in office, the JFK Presidential Library in Boston in the state of Massachusetts has started writing about it on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

The account @Kennedy1961 began posting tweets on Thursday about the former president`s actions and words as they unfolded 50 years ago.

What’s interesting is that the library is linking to video and pictures from its digitised archive.

Talking about the initiative, Rachel Day, director of communications for the JFK Library Foundation, told the ABC News network, "What you use Twitter for today is what`s happening. For us, it`s what was happening. We get to use this wonderful material that we have in the Kennedy Library archive to illustrate what was happening,"

Posts to the account give a detailed look in the president`s life 50 years ago through both his own words and explanations of his actions.

"My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man," the @Kennedy1961 account said on Thursday, quoting Kennedy`s inauguration speech.

The presidential library, which honours the former president`s life, has recently digitised every scrap of paper, video, audio and artefact it possesses.