Kate Middleton look-alikes earning up to £500 daily for photoshoots

London: Ever since Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William there have been many look-alikes who are enjoying the likeness by earning up to 500 pounds a day for appearances and photoshoots.

One agency has 28 look-alikes of Middleton on their books, and some of them have revealed the experiences they went through as her double.

Kate Bevan, 21, from Stafford, who is married to Nathan, 26, a food storeowner, quit her job as a pharmacy assistant to become a full-time Kate look-alike.

“My sister-in-law had mentioned it a couple of years ago and sent my picture off to an agency, but until a few months ago I was working in pharmacy,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

She found the look-alike work more exciting and interesting, and decided to pursue it, doing interviews with TV in Holland, appearing on NBC in America, and posing for various magazine shoots.

Jodie Bredo, 22, from Chelmsford, Essex, who works as a PA at a City insurance firm during the day, has for almost two years been working as a Kate double in her spare time.

“A friend sent my picture to a look-alike agency and they got me my first job with a magazine,” she said.

“Since Kate and William got engaged it’s gone mad. I’ve even been on CBS News in America with Amanda Holden,” she added.