Meluha, The Fern gets India`s first Pure Room

India`s first Pure room ensures you sleep better, breathe fresher, and keep the allergies at bay by checking in to the Pure Room, discovers Yogesh Pawar

Ever had the luxury of breathing in a room that is 99 per cent pollution-free? If your answer is no, head straight to Mumbai`s award-winning hotel Meluha, The Fern, which has India`s first Pure Room where you can breathe easy. The award-winning hotel Meluha the Fern ecotel at Powai, Mumbai is the first in India to be certified by New York based Pure Solutions.

“We have been able to create this facility only on the sixth floor where 19 rooms have been certified as Pure Rooms,” points out Sales Manager Garfield Soares of Meluha. Their clientele mostly involves expats who have strong concerns about health and allergies. They look for facilities that are pollution-free. “It was their queires which made us go through the elaborate procedure which was certified by New York based Pure Solutions, six months ago,” he adds.

The rooms, varying on their size, command a tariff between Rs 8,000- Rs 16,000 per day and are quite in demand. Looking at the positive response, Meluha has plans to turn all their 108 rooms into Pure Rooms.

What is a Pure Room? The Cheektowaga, New York-based company spokesperson in an email explained, “This a patented, 7-step purification process which treats every surface, including the air, removing up to 99 per cent of pollutants to help you breathe easy and rest peacefully. Our air-purification system protects you from airborne irritants, and eliminates odours at the source, leaving the room smelling fresh and clean.”

According to the spokesperson, “The unique, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements provide soft, breathable coverings to protect even further. Carpets, upholstery and all other surfaces are deep cleaned and specially treated. Rigorous maintenance is performed regularly to keep the Pure Room’s certified allergy-friendly.”

Meluha The Fern caters to a highly discerning clientele as about 75% of their guests are from US and Europe. The hotel is witnessing an encouraging response for their Pure Rooms given the high degree of awareness and prior experience of their guests for this concept as compared to Indian counterparts. The hotel has received an overwhelming response from the guests who have experienced this pure indulgence, “the best night`s sleep in a long time.”

Dr Nathan Swansea, an asthma and allergy doctor visiting Mumbai for a conference says, “This process provides an effective solution for those looking for a safe haven while travelling away from home. Knowing how little it needs for my own allergy to trigger off I did not want to take chances. Though the conference is in the other end of town, I realised I needed a good night’s sleep, especially with the jet-lag.”

Every piece of luxury comes with a price tag and for the hotel too, becoming a hypoallergenic hotel accommodation was not particularly easy. The 99.9 per cent allergen-free facility includes sanitized heater and air conditioner, further treated with pure tea tree oil, cleansed and sanitized soft surfaces, to eliminate contaminants that trigger allergies, in-room filtration systems remove dust particles in the air and treated surfaces to minimize bacteria growth.

“Since the process involves so much and we want to adhere to the highest standards we are not hurrying to convert the whole hotel into Pure Rooms,” offers Soares.

The Diwecha family of diamond merchants booked two rooms while attending a wedding, “I am wondering if we can get this done in our bedrooms in our Baroda bungalow,” says Bhavna Diwecha.

“Despite a change of weather and air, my mother who never leaves home without her inhaler hasn’t once complained of breathlessness,”