Nile Rodgers doesn`t need sleep

Los Angeles: Musician-composer Nile Rodgers survives on only two or three hours sleep a night and says he doesn`t need to sleep.

When he was five, the doctors thought he was suffering from insomnia and was treated for it, but the doctors soon realised that Rodgers was not sleep deprived at all, reports

"I only sleep two to three hours a night, maybe if I`m exhausted I`ll sleep four, and the rare occasion I sleep five. I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I just don`t sleep, I don`t need it - I`ve never needed it. I function very well, I`m 60-years-old and I feel great," Bang Showbiz quoted the 60-year-old as saying.

He recalls tests being done on him at the sleep clinic and says he always felt fine.

"After a week some learned young doctor said, `Nile how to you feel?` and I said, `I feel great`. He said, `go home! You`ll live a third longer than everybody else!`," he added.

In 2010, Rodgers was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but now he is cancer-free.