Robert Pattinson can`t drive

London: Robert Pattinson may be one of the highest paid young stars in Hollywood, but he cannot splurge on fancy cars because he is bad behind the wheels.

The 24-year-old is yet to pass his driving test and he is confused by the knobs and dials of a car, reported Sun online.

The `Twilight` heartthrob does not even know how to turn on the wipers and had a scary experience when he ventured out in rain recently.

"I don`t know how to use the little wipey things, so I couldn`t see. I don`t know how to drive. It`s terrifying," said Pattinson.

The British actor who is dating `Twilight` co-star Kristen Stewart is not the only star who cannot drive.

`Harry Potter` star Daniel Radcliffe is yet to get his driver`s license and comedian Rusell Brand is learning how to drive at the age of 35.