'Selfie' fever: New reports claim romantic crisis behind the rage!

Selfie is associated with your romantic crisis, here's how

'Selfie' fever: New reports claim romantic crisis behind the rage!

New Delhi: Are a social-media buff? Do you post a series of selfies at one go? Or do it every once in a while – wait, it is possible you are going through a rough romantic phase.

A fresh research from Florida State University suggests that the more selfies one put up on their social media websites, the greater the chances that they are going through a conflict in romantic relationship.

"The results show that body image satisfaction can be detrimental to Instagram users' romantic relationships, especially when users' body image satisfaction is promoted in the form of Instagram selfie posts," explained lead author Jessica Ridgway and assistant professor Russell Clayton.

The duo worked together to explain the behavour associated with Instagram selfie posting.

A survey was conducted of 420 Instagram users between the ages of 18 to 62, and it was found out that Instagram selfie posting is associated with and predicted by an individual's overall body image satisfaction.

Which in other words mean, those who think are good looking, are likely to post more selfies.

However, it also has a connection with one's romantic status.

Not surprisingly, Instagram-related conflict was found to be associated with increased negative romantic relationship outcomes, which were defined as emotional or physical infidelity, breakup and divorce.