Ek Machine Kabadi Ki, a comic caper

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi, Aug 05: Theatre director, Dinesh Ahlawat’s latest offering ‘Ek Machine Kabadi Ki’ being showcased at the Shri Ram Centre is the story about a supposedly useless huge machine (that can actually convert all big things into small) which is bought by ‘Kallan Kabadi’. A University professor sells it to him and that’s the twist in the tale.

One day Kallan’s fifty year old wife, Husna enters that machine and becomes twenty five years younger. His would be son-in-law Azeem, who was supposed to marry his daughter Kulsum, now wants to romance young and beautiful Husna (his mother-in-law). Then, Kallan borrows some money from Lala Ram Bharose as he wants to become Hrithik Roshan! To find what happens next, watch the play.

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