Kate to join Royal Family at Madame Tussauds by end of 2011

London: Kate Middleton will become the latest addition to the Royal Family when she marries Prince William in April next year. But she will have to wait a few months longer to join them at Madame Tussauds.

The famous wax museum has revealed that Middleton’s waxwork will probably not be seen alongside the Prince until late 2011, reports the BBC.

It said it would try to book a sitting with Middleton after her wedding.

It would then take sculptors up to four months to make the model. The museum is also waiting to hear if she would donate an outfit for the waxwork.

Upon completion, the wax Middleton will join The Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Camilla and Princes William and Harry, who are already on display at Madame Tussauds.

“It looks likely it will be shortly after the wedding and then it takes four months to complete,” said a Madame Tussauds spokeswoman.

“It depends on what she wants and whether she can donate clothing. I imagine the sculptors will probably go to her and the sitting normally takes a couple of hours,” she added.