`Baga Beach` about tourism ills in coastal Goa: Director

Panaji: Child abuse, conflict between locals and immigrants, impact of holidaying foreigners in Goa is the sum of `Baga Beach`, a film which examines the underbelly of tourism in coastal Goa, its director said.

Speaking to reporters after the screening of the film at the 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), director Laxmikant Shetgaonkar, a local here, also said that the film is packed with real references.

The movie`s story revolves around the personal stories of seven characters, who include actors from France, Germany and Goa, as also Bengali star Paoli Dam.

"I have been researching this film for nearly three years. I spoke to a lot of stakeholders like beach shack helpers and child rights activists. Their stories and experiences are a part of the film," Shetgaonkar said.

The director said the film mirrors the realities on most tourist-frequented beaches of Goa, and that Baga Beach was a metaphor for just about any beach and coastal community in the state.

In the film, Paoli plays a girl selling beads and other trinkets on the beach. Her character falls in love with a foreigner, and a migrant boy falls in love with her.

The actress said she was impressed by real life trinket sellers, young women who spoke English, German and even Russian with aplomb and with proper accents while dealing with foreign buyers.

"I saw them at the Anjuna flea market while I was researching for the role. I was very impressed with their accent and the manner in which they dealt with their business," Paoli said.