`Peepli Live` DVD first to cater to visual and hearing impaired

Mumbai: Aamir Khan Production`s Peepli [Live] will be the first DVD with an option for Visually and Hearing impaired audience.

The DVD released by Excel Home Entertainment will carry an inbuilt option that narrates scenes with details about actions, colour, expressions, etc. interspersed with actual dialogues for the benefit of visually impaired audiences.

India`s official entry to the Oscars will also have an option in the DVD for enabling better viewing for audiences with hearing disabilities with sub-titles of sounds other than dialogues.

Says producer Aamir Khan, "In my interactions in the past with institutions catering to visually and hearing impaired people, we realised a dearth of serious entertainment modes available to them. The ironic situation was that Indian cinema was still a major source of entertainment, even in its unfriendly format for the visually and hearing impaired. We hope to reach out and bridge the gap and are hopeful that this will soon be a norm in all Home Entertainment formats in the coming months."

M N Kapasi, Managing Director, Excel Home Entertainment described the initiative of catering to the visually and hearing impaired audiences as "path breaking".

"This will broaden and deepen the association of Indian cinema with visually and hearing impaired audiences," he felt.