Kajal is not threatened by Ajay hogging limelight in `Singham`

Mumbai: South actress Kajal Agarwal, who makes her debut in Bollywood alongside actor Ajay Devgn in yet-to-be released film `Singham`, does not feel insecure over the fact that the male lead is hogging the limelight.

The actress does not feel insecure about Ajay stealing the show in the promos of `Singham` and says that she had a great time working with the actor.

When asked whether Ajay`s presence makes her insecure about her visibility in the film, Kajal says, "Its not the amount of screen space that I have but it is the quality of work that I deliver. Yes, its an Ajay Devgn film but I will stand out with my performance. I am sure after watching the film people won`t stop loving me."

Directed by Rohit Shetty, `Singham`, is an action film.

On her experience of working with Ajay, the actress says, "Its better for me to act with Ajay as acting is second nature to him. We have rehearsed together and he is very co-operative. He does not need rehearsals he gave me very important tips."

`Singham`, a remake of 2010 Tamil film of the same name, stars Ajay and Kajal in lead roles.

After having made a name for herself down South, Kajal, says though the reach of Hindi cinema is wider but the south film industry is now going beyond boundaries.

"The reach is bigger in Hindi cinema. The reach is definitely wider in Hindi cinema. But now-a-days south regional cinema is reaching lot of places. Both the industries are equally professional, very punctual, have got good technique, good artists, good stories and scripts," Kajal said.

"For example my movie `Magadheera` has been watched by lot of non-Telugu people. I do believe regional barriers are slowly and steadly disappearing which is a very good thing for us," she said.

Talking about trends in the film industry, Kajal says, "I have noticed is lot of technicians like art directors, choreographers, actress are being shared pan-India. Like lot of south technicians are working for Hindi cinema and vice-versa. Even actresses and actor are now working or doing films in different languages. I do believe that regional barriers are disappearing now and its now becoming one big Indian industry."

The Mumbai-based actress had reportedly stirred up controversy down South when in an interview she said she does not consider herself as a south Indian actress, as she is Punjabi by birth.

Following which Tamil and Telugu filmmakers issued statements saying they will ban the actress from working in south Indian films.

"I feel very proud that I am a South Indian actress. That industry has given me name, fame and love. I have never said I am not a south Indian actress...I have done 21 movies over there. I do enjoy a certain position over there which is fabulous and why will I say that," Kajal said.

`Singham` is all set to hit cinema houses on July 22.