Review: Adhyayan Suman`s ‘Jashnn’ is a decent watch!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Adhyayan Suman’s ‘Jashnn’, which released all over this Friday, is a story of dreams and aspirations (seems to be based on the lines of ‘Rock On’). The story of a boy band, about their dreams, about failure and success. Remember! Nevertheless, like all Bhatt camp movies, this one too seems to be straight out of everyday life.

‘Jashnn’ is the story of a struggling rock star, Akash (Adhyayan Suman), and his three friends, who are (predictably) desperate for a big musical break.

Nisha (Shahana Goswami) plays Adhyayan`s sister, who is a high society escort. But since brother Adhyayan is too financially dependent on her, he doesn’t have a say. However, Adhyayan finds support in Sara (Anjana Sukhani), who is one of Shahana`s client’s sister.

The rest of the film, we see Adhyayan tied up with the three aspects of his life – his dreams, sister and love. The first half of the film is quite strong, mainly because of Shahana’s power-packed performance. However, too much of drama reduces Shahana’s character to a peculiar Hindi movie sister.

Adhyayan’s performance wasn’t all that bad either, but Shahana is the actor to watch, as she proves to be matchless in the film. Overall, it’s not a bad watch!

Rating: Two cheers!