Review: ‘Bittoo Boss’ barely manages to entertain!

Zeenews Bureau

If the trailers had made you wonder that this would be the next ‘Band Baaja Baarat’, you were grossly mistaken. And so were most other people. Amita Pathak and Pulkit Sharma barely make it to the cut. And ‘Bittoo Boss’ falls flat on its face, tepid and lacklustre.

Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) is a self-proclaimed “Sesky Video Shooter”, and his persona too, is just as insipid as that sobriquet sounds. Bittoo’s aim in life is spreading happiness through his video camera, and the moments he captures therein. We are no two-year-olds, and the outdated belief of happiness-relived-in-rewinded-Kodak-moments no longer excites the twentieth century crowd. Sorry, but the ‘Sesky Video Shooter’ is hardly sexy and does nothing to shoot the numerous yawns that cloud the faces of the viewers inside the theatre.

Enter the strong-headed bossy educated girl. Bittoo falls head over heels in love with her. And then begins the harangue of the woman against Bittoo’s carefree callow attitude towards life, etc., etc. Sounds boring? Yeah. That is what the otherwise thought madcap ride turns out to be!

Amita Pathak tutors Pulkit in mundane things like financial stability and monetary gains. And the besotted lover goes all the way to prove his love for his lady. Smitten in love and stung by his love, Bittoo tries a shortcut to money and fame. He is lured into the trap called ‘shortcut’ and the guy slips into the abyss of the amoral.

‘Bittoo Boss’ has nothing to do with weddings. It is one single video shooter’s life-trajectory. His quest for life seems to be the initial goal that the film attempts to show, but alas. There seems to be a new direction to the film every ten minutes. The frequency, with which the movie keeps changing its aims, leaves us to wonder who/what is more fickle – the film or its protagonist. And the love story, which is supposed to exist – mind you, supposed to exist – is nowhere to be seen. A pair of binoculars, or for that matter even a telescope – would be unsuccessful in finding a solid love story between the leads.

Every single time the light dims inside the theatre, you’d wish that that was the end of this piece of bore. There’s a reason Amita Pathak had disappeared into some hitherto unknown abyss after her debut ‘Haal-e-Dil’. May be she needs a bit more of acting school. The film barely manages to hold interest, and apart from a few smart-alec, innuendo-laced songs, the others are just unnecessary. With a heavy dose of your average Bollywood clichés and below-average performances, ‘Bittoo Boss’ doesn’t entertain. It is a few precious hours of your life wasted. Invest them in something worthwhile!

Ratings: One poor cheer for this one!

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