Review: ‘Bubble Gum’ is ‘unlike’ Bollywood

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: At a time when realistic and meaningful cinema is trying to create a niche for its genre in Bollywood, ‘Bubble Gum’ comes as a refreshing treat!

Based in the backdrop of small town India (Jamshedpur), ‘Bubble Gum’ deals with parent-child equation, teen-psychology and the sibling rivalry.

Vidur (Sohail) and Vedant (Delzad) are brothers in their teens and the bond between them has been portrayed in the most realistic way. Vidur, the elder son of the parents (played by Sachin Khedekar and Tanvi Azmi) is hearing-impaired and which is why he gets that little extra attention from them.

However, Vedant, who is experiencing love for the first time does not appreciate the fact that his brother gets more love from his parents. But what is interesting to see is the bond, the brother’s share with spells of angst that tends to create a rift between them, though temporarily.

Vedant is in love with Jenny, the daughter of local police officer. His childlike approach to woo her reminds us of teen life and the innocence that was intertwined with this serene emotion which gradually tends to get lost in the growing up years.

The film has implemented no entertaining formula and goes by the flow that in a way recreates a real life situation in the simplest possible way.

Vedant wonders how he could get Jenny, who has another lover in the form of Ratan, a local street-smart teen goonda of sorts.

All the actors in the film have justified their respective roles so much so that they look like real characters on screen! The film is thoroughly a class apart. It’s a must watch for those who are looking forward to watch realistic cinema with least glamour quotient.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!

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