Review: ‘Dam999’ is passable

Zeenews Bureau

Stories based on human tragedy and crumbling world have always raised curiosity at the Box Office. In ‘Dam999’, Sohan Roy tries to recreate a 3D film based on dam disaster of epic proportions.

Starring Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajit Kapur, Linda Arsenio, Vinay Rai, Joshua Fredric Smith, Vimala Raman and Megha Burman, ‘Dam999’ starts with the book launch of Captain Fredric (Joshua Fredric Smith), a mariner, who witnessed a devastating dam disaster.

The movie takes us into flashback where Captain Fredric (Joshua Fredic Smith) along with his wife Razia (Megha Burman) and fellow mariner Vinay (Vinay Rai) and his better half Sandra (Linda Arsenio) are struck in a catastrophe. The crux of the story lies in highlighting the damage which ageing and disheveled dams can cause (Something that recently snowballed into a major controversy in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where the film unwittingly mirrors the quandary of Mullaiperiyar Dam).

Yet, instead of highlighting the root cause of concern, the film wanders and dwells upon unnecessary obfuscation where its 3D effects hardly add to the drama.

The film at times looks clichéd with its moral sermons and tacky sequences that just doesn’t blend together.
‘Dam999’ is completely disarrayed, can be skipped this weekend.

Ratings: One cheer for this one.

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