Review: Debutante Luv Sinha fails to impress with `Sadiyaan`

Spicezee Bureau

Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha finally made his much talked about acting debut with Raj Kanwar’s ‘Sadiyaan’, which hit the screens on Friday. However, Luv’s first Bollywood outing ‘Sadiyaan’, also starring debutante Ferena Wazeir as the starson’s love interest in the film, lacks the kind of entertainment factor that Kanwar’s films are perhaps known to create.

Apart from Luv and Ferena, this periodic drama stars legendary actors - Rishi Kapoor, Rekha and Hema Malini in pivotal roles. Based in the time of India-Pakistan partition, ‘Sadiyaan’ is the story of Rajveer (Rishi Kapoor) and Amrit (Rekha), who come to Amritsar from Lahore during the partition and find shelter in a house which was abandoned by Benazir (Hema Malini) and her husband.

Another aspect of the story is the love story between Luv Sinha (Ishaan) and Ferena (Chandni). During the days of partition, Benazir had left her son in India while leaving for Pakistan, and at that time, Rajveer and Amrit had got the child rescued from the chaotic situation in the country.

Eventually, Ishaan, who is an adult now, happens to fall in love with a Muslim girl Chandni (Ferena). But Chandni’s parents are not in favour of their relationship because of Ishaan’s a Hindu and Chandni’s a Muslim.

Nevertheless, at this point of time, Rajveer and Amrit decide to disclose the truth about Ishaan begin a Muslim.

Veterans Rishi Kapoor, Rekha and Hema Malini have delivered good performances, but debutante Luv Sinha fails to impress with his acting skills, dance moves, dramatic entry – all put together! Also, Ferena Wazir doesn’t manage to do justice to the intensity of her character.

On the whole, ‘Sadiyaan’ is an average affair, all thanks to the yesteryears brigade!

Rating: Two cheers