Review: ‘Tezz’ is an action-packed, fast-paced thriller!

Zeenews Bureau

Believe it or not, Priyadarshan has been able to pull this one off. From the trailers, it was pretty easy to guess that the film would be an action-packed adrenaline-punched one, and it has not let viewers down even a bit. An amalgam of thrilling moments and feverish pace, ‘Tezz’ doesn’t disappoint the average action-loving moviegoer.

Right from the time the promos started appearing on television, people knew that Priyadarshan’s brainchild would be one that would probably not leave any moment for viewers to breathe. And true to what the trailers promised, the movie too, offers a heavy dose of adrenaline rush to its viewers. The breakneck pace and the superior cinematography all call for appreciation for the ‘Tezz’ team. The film is replete with moments of panic where each fraction of a second counts. Keeping your eyes glued to the screen is the only option available – you pause to blink, and a bullet train might just meet with an accident!

Boasting of an enviable cast with Action King Ajay Devgn in the lead role, viewers couldn’t have asked for more. Accepted that Ajay has many action movies to his credit, but he has delivered a splendid performance in ‘Tezz’. Anil Kapoor’s visibility on screen might be dripping with a plastic accent, but the actor has performed pretty well considering the fact that he appears to repeat his antics and actions over and over again. Kangana Ranaut is as synthetic as she always is, and any hope of anything different from her would receive a cruel deathblow. Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy’s background story is just that – relegated to the background. That part could have done with a bit of elucidation. Sameera Reddy, however, looks good in something other than mindless slapstick comedy. Avika Gor is brilliant as Boman Irani’s daughter, and Boman Irani doesn’t disappoint. The numerous fistfights involving Anil and Ajay are too many and too frequent. The movie could have done without so many uncalled for moments.

Deficiencies apart, the chase sequences in the film are brilliantly shot, and the cinematographer deserves a round of standing ovation. The abundance of thrilling moments keeps the viewer taut all through the film. Watch ‘Tezz’ for action, energy, and adrenaline!

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!

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