Review: `Vicky Donor` is an absolute treat for movie-goers!

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John Abraham couldn’t have had a better start to his career as a producer, for ‘Vicky Donor’ is an absolute treat for movie goers. With an exceptionally bold concept, this hunk of an actor-turned producer has pulled off a stunner, and has given Bollywood a fine talent in the form of “sperm donor” Ayushmann Khurrana.

The film comes as a breath of fresh air with newer talents to explore and an innovative story to unfold. The film depicts the life of a “good for nothing” yet ‘happy go lucky’ pakka Delhiite boy who turns into a sperm donor. He portrays that lovable Vicky whom you would love to love!

Vicky’s mother Dolly and grandmother make a perfect saas-bahu duo and the scenes between them are worth applause.

Annu Kapoor befits the role of Dr Chaddda, who runs an infertility clinic. The character of this “sperm craving” doctor looks tailor-made for this veteran, who appears on the silver screen after a long time. And he is hilarious in the film too. With his typical Punjabi accent, he tickles your funny bone and will surely make you laugh you heart out.

He is someone who can figure out a potential sperm donor just by looking at the face! So be cautious if you are a man…you could be his next catch!

Coming back to ‘Vicky’, this smarty falls for a Bengali girl Ashima Roy played by Yaami Gautam. Hold on…if you are wondering if this twist in the tale would make this film any somber, you are wrong…this is when you get glued to your seats to know what’s more in store.

Yaami has certainly made an impressive debut and thanks to John for giving us this pretty lass.

Juhi Chaturvedi, the writer has done a fantabulous job, and has surprised one and all with a gripping storyline that will leave you asking for more.

Not to forget the director Soojit Sircar, what a rare talent he is! He knows how to extract the best from his actors and kudos to him for bringing out the best in Ayushmann. This VJ-turned actor couldn’t have asked for a better debut.

Songs Rum Whiskey, Pani Da Rang, Mar Jaiyian are fun and you wouldn’t mind shaking a leg to the tracks.

If you are a Delhiite, then you will find the characters mirroring your true self for they unravel the archetypal mannerisms of the people in the capital. And if you aren’t one, then also you will love discovering flashy Delhiites.
Thanks a ton to John Abraham for giving us ‘Vicky Donor’.

None could have dared to produce a film that is “out of the box” both literally and otherwise. And John has to be really unlucky if this film fails to keep the Box Office busy.

Trust none could have fertilized this egg called “Vicky Donor” but John.

What are you waiting for? Don’t waste a sec. Grab your tickets now and make the most of this weekend!

Ratings: Four cheers to this one

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