Review: Vinay and Lara deliver a power packed performance in ‘Chalo Dilli’

Spicezee Bureau

What happens when an uptown corporate girl travels with a Chandni Chowk saree seller? Well, it could be hell of a ride in case the Chandni Chowk saree trader happens to be Vinay Pathak and the uptown corporate chick is Lara Dutta.

Directed by Shashant Singh, ‘Chalo Dilli’ is a fun-filled film starring Vinay Pathak as Manu Gupta Lara Dutta as Mihika Mukherjee, two mismatched travelling partners, who have no option but to travel together from Mumbai to Delhi.

Fun starts when the duo boards the flight and comes across each other’s glaring class and cultural divide. If one is a typical Indian male, the other is headstrong and independent woman, constantly taking dig at each other’s social status. Kudos to Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak for their powerful acting, which literally breathes life into the character of Mihika Mukherjee and Manu Gupta.

Indeed, both Lara and Vinay carry the film through their electrifying banter, which leaves audience in mirth. Add to this is sizzling Yana Gupta, who gyrates to Zeenat Aman`s classic number `Laila o Laila`.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!

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