Sunny happy to be back in Varanasi for `Mohalla Assi`

Varanasi Bollywood star Sunny Deol returned here after 15 years to shoot for director Chandraprakash Dwivedi`s new movie "Mohalla Assi" and said the experience is "refreshing" and "unique".

"This film brings me back to the city after 15 years and I am sure that I will have a wonderful time shooting," Sunny told reporters here. "Even though I have come here after a gap of 15 years to shoot, the experience on the banks of river Ganga is so refreshing and unique."

Inspired by Kashinath Singh`s popular Hindi novel "Kashi Ka Assi", the film is a satire on social, political and national issues.

"The script of the film is very interesting. The role is something that I have not done in the past, but I am confident of doing full justice to the character."

For the first time, Sunny will be seen in the garb of a pundit - he will wear a dhoti, kurta, gamcha and Kolhapuri chappals and sport a `choti` for his role.

Major portions have been shot in Mumbai studios. In Varanasi "Mohalla Assi" will be shot on a historical location as well as the ghats of the Ganges.

Dwivedi said: "Ideally, I would have loved to shoot the entire movie on the ghats of Varanasi, but since Sunny has a huge fan following in this region, it would have been difficult to shoot here as thousands of fans would have descend on location to catch a glimpse of the star."

Vinay Tiwari of Crossword Entertainment Pvt Ltd is producing the films, slated for release later this year.