Books having swear words should display warnings, says Russian lawmaker

Moscow: Books containing swear words should be sold in plain covers displaying warnings, just like pornography, a top Russian lawmaker has said.

"We should consider selling such literature in cellophane covers like pornographic publications, with the warning -- Caution - uncensored language," said Stanislav Govorukhin, head of the Russian parliament`s committee on culture.

Govorukhin is also a film director and member of the ruling United Russia party.

President Vladimir Putin recently signed on a law making the use of obscene language by media outlets punishable by fines.

The law sets fines of up to $6,300 for media outlets allowing the use of swear words and fines of around $100 for individuals, with provisions for the confiscation of equipment.

The law, which also applies to internet-only media, was previously approved by both houses of parliament.

The Kremlin has said that the decision on what exactly constitutes a swearword or obscene language will be taken by linguistics experts.