Westland ropes in `The Mahabharata Secret` author for thriller trilogy

Mumbai: Westland Publishers have signed Christopher C. Doyle, author of ‘The Mahabharata Secret’, for a thriller trilogy, the publishers said Wednesday.

"He has moved from Om Publishers to Westland which will publish the first of the trilogy that he has planned. The trilogy is yet again based on another story from Mahabharata with a science angle to it. The title of the book is yet to be decided and the book is still in the works," said a statement from the publishers.

Doyle is a management consultant and an enthusiastic writer who likes to blend science, history and mythology into his writings.

"With my debut novel, I have tried to interpret our mythological heritage through the eyes of science. I have tried to provide a fresh perspective to a historical age which we all associate with bows, arrows, horses, elephants and chariots, and not with cutting-edge technology," he said.