Amy Winehouse getting in shape to woo Reg Traviss

London : Amy Winehouse is apparently putting every effort to win back her love interest Reg Traviss.

And in this bid Winehouse has adopted a Rocky Balboa-style training regime.

The singer is exercising like a boxer in her London gaff, running on the spot and doing 1,000 sit-ups a night.

Amy - mocked up as Sly Stallone film favourite ‘Rocky’ - is determined to get into shape and prove to Reg she is girlfriend material and not a permanently bongo’s waste of skin.

They will be reunited this weekend when Amy travels up to glamorous Scarborough, North Yorks, to visit director Reg on the set of his new prison flick Screwed.

"Amy hopes some time together away from the spotlight will convince Reg to take her back,” a news daily quoted a source as saying.

"He got fed up with her wild behaviour but Amy has been telling everyone she has quit drugs and intends to lead a healthier lifestyle.

"That’s a big promise considering the way she has behaved for so long," the source added.