Barbie for Amy Jackson dolls

New Delhi: Amy Jackson, who made her Bollywood debut with `Ekk Deewana Tha` opposite Prateik, has been approached by leading doll company Barbie to launch a series of dolls inspired by her.

"Amy has been a big name in the UK for couple of years. She was modelling before Bollywood happened to her. She has always wanted to act and it was a stroke of luck that she got a break in Bollywood. The company approached her recently, after they saw some pictures of her and thought that she fit the bill," said a source close to Amy.

The 21-year-old won Miss Teen World competition in 2008. She is said to be thrilled with the offer.

"Katrina was a very well-known name when the company approached her but expressing interest in Amy was a surprise to us. She is a tall, petite girl with delicate features and they thought she was the right fit for a doll to be designed on her," the source added.

The brand reveals that there will be a US as well as Indian special edition of the dolls. The US edition will be out in August, after which the Indian edition will be unveiled.