Cher is lazy in following Buddhism

London: Cher is very interested in Buddhism but admits she can be lazy when it comes to following the faith.

The singer-actress is a follower of the spiritual faith but admits she only meditates or prays when she wants to, rather than when she should, reports a website.

"I am the worst Buddhist ever. I love reading it and saying the prayers, but I`m such a lazy Buddhist," she said.

"I meditate but only when I want to. I am so stubborn. I don`t like to be forced to do anything. If you try and force me, it`s the wrong thing to do," she added.

The 64-year-old "Burlesque" star also admitted she wants to be in her forties which was the best time of her life.

"I would like to be in my 40`s again, because I had so much fun," she said.