Cheryl Cole happy to say goodbye to her 20s

London: Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole is glad that her 20s are behind her and says that now she feels "calmer and settled".

But the ‘Parachute’ singer, who turned 30 on June 30, has admitted that her 20s were amazing, reports

"Turning 30 always felt like a sigh of relief. I`m glad to put my 20s behind me. They were amazing - don`t get me wrong - and I`ve crammed so much in, but I`m like, `Relax.`" Cole said.

"I`m a woman. I can just breathe now and not worry about life any more. The good, the bad and the ugly ... it`s all character-building and makes the woman you are," she added.

Cole, who is dating dancer Tre Holloway and was previously married to soccer player Ashley Cole, feels her attitude to life has changed for better since she turned 30, and she is focused on looking to the future.

"I feel my mentality has changed. I feel calmer and more centred; I feel settled. I`m a grown-up woman now - it`s official," she told Hello! magazine.

"I feel much better than I did in my 20s. I look back at 21-year-old me and I definitely don`t want to be her again," added Cole.